ATTAV Solar Powered Copper Wire Lights – 33ft 100 LEDs Starry String Lights, Waterproof

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My Written Review
If you know me then you know how much I love using string lights in my yard and garden- because I have them all over! This set of string lights offer my favorite features and I highly recommend them. They are a warm white light- which is probably my favorite for decorating my garden. They offer 33 feet of copper wiring that is flexible, very thin and easy to work with for placement without slipping or shifting. The tiny little lights are delicate and beautiful.

At the end of the copper wiring there is some additional cord that gives you some extra space between your light display and the solar panel. Now- onto the solar panel. If you are going to decorate your yard with lights, do it with solar powered ones! They are so convenient. Not only do they save you extra money on your power bill, they are great environmentally and they harness the light of the sun during the day to light up your yard at night. Those reasons aside, they are also super convenient because you can place them anywhere without needing to be close to a power outlet or extension cord. You can easily use them in your garden, in the middle of your yard, a great distance from your house or in trees with solar power. The solar panel is small and can either be hung up or mounted to the stake that comes with this, and placed securely in the ground. You also never have to worry about turning them on because they will automatically.

The solar panel features two buttons in the back: and On/Off switch and a Mode switch. You can completely power these off, by putting them in off mode or, if left in on mode, they will power on automatically at dusk and turn themselves off at dawn. These are so low maintenance. You place them and they take care of themselves. So nice. There are two mode options with these lights (which is all that I feel I personally need) you can make them flashing or solid color. It is easy to switch that back and forth with the push of a button so you can change your mind and your mode as often as you want.

I love that these are copper wiring, they are a great length and they are solar powered. Great lights and they make a beautiful display. Disclaimer: I received this product at a discounted rate in exchange for my honest review.