Asana: The Physical Aspect of Hath Yoga

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Yoga is a different physical workout from usual exercises; It also deals with meditation and connection to the internal conscience. It is defined as the holding of a posture or maintaining the body in one position for a period. Asanas are very useful for maintaining good health.

Types of Asanas:

  1. Stretching Asana : It should be done calmly. These purify the nerves and treat the chronic illnesses.
  2. Pranayam Asana : It is done while inhaling and exhaling, therefore, these are known as Asanas of Pranayam, and this Asana purifies the blood.
  3. Asana, which Require Force : In this type, some weight is lifted or force is required; It increases strength.
  4. Asana, which Activate the Nerves : There are selective Asanas, which is done quickly and repeatedly, those help in activating the nerves, and also purify the body.

Depending on the way of performing Asanas, these are categorized as follows:

  1. Asana while standing
  2. Asana while sitting
  3. Asana while upside down
  4. Asana while lying on ground

Benefits of Asana:

  1. It helps to keep the spinal flexible
  2. It helps the body to purify the glands and remove harmful foreign particles from the body.
  3. The blood vessels do not get hardened by doing Asana and heart remains strong.
  4. It helps in strengthening of muscles and improve the body structure.
  5. It helps in an awakening of kundalini in the column column and refreshes the mind, and one becomes energetic.
  6. It strengthens the digestive system by cleaning the intestine, stomach, and other body organs.
  7. Asana impedes good health to both mind and body.

Key Points While Doing Asana:

  1. It should be done in a cool and peaceful place with proper sanitation. For meditation, one can use aroma to feel good.
  2. It should be done on a plain ground where a blank or dari is spread.
  3. It should be done for at least 15 minutes and at the most for 30 minutes.
  4. It should be skipped once a week; Instead of Asana one can do swimming or walking.
  5. The best time for Asana is an early morning, but it can be done in the evening also.
  6. Yoga Asana should be done on an empty stomach it may be done 4 to 5 hours after meals or 2 hours after light food.
  7. Asana should start with prayer or meditation and end with Shavasan.
  8. While doing Asana, there should not be strong wind on the body.
  9. One should cross-check while performing an Asana properly. And should do the Asana in proper sequence.
  10. After doing Asana, one should take rest of half-an-hour and then take a glass of milk and fruits.


  1. If one is suffering from colitis, then he should not do the Asana in which spine bent backward.
  2. If one's eyes are red, then he should not do Shirshasan.
  3. One should stop the Asana at that point when he / she exhausts.
  4. Women should not do Siddhasan or Mayurasan.
  5. If one is suffering from heart diseases, then he / she should do the Asana after consulting with a doctor.

Source by Meera M Watts