Are Domestic Wind Turbines Becoming Affordable For Homeowners?

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The economic viability of wind technology was dependent on it becoming affordable alongside traditional methods of generating electricity. Only now does it become a possible option for homeowners. From viewing the capital cost breakdown of a typical installation, we can see that civil works and electrical infrastructure are both key costs to consider, but it was capital outlay remains the main expense. The introduction of DIY wind turbines has since begun to alleviate these costs.

It is important to identify alternate ways of funding wind turbine projects as opposed to direct purchasing, as this will enhance the buying power of the general public. Comparables from certain European initiatives would suggest that there is a lot of value in offering community powered wind where financial restrictions are an issue. This would enable the public the opportunity of still benefiting from a turbine, but the costs would be spread within the local community as a number of turbines will be put up at the same time. The specific types of ownership strategies used abroad vary, but what they all share is the “community benefit and group ownership” ideology. The problem is, these take a lot of time to implement and require a great deal of Government support that is looking unlikely in the current climate.

That is why we should be looking to implement our own solutions and take responsibility for the energy we are consuming. It is true that no renewable source has been economically competitive to buy outright – this has all changed with the introduction of the DIY wind turbine kit. This is where YOU can get involved…

Using this fantastic guide, you can save thousands off the traditional costs of wind turbines and solar panels by making your own! You will save money, reduce your bills, help the environment, have a lot of fun and it’s certainly not as technically demanding as you might think – anyone can do it! You could even make yourself a very respectable second income by making and selling your own renewable devices to family/friends. Don’t hesitate, start straight away… Go to the earth4energy guide now for further details.

Source by Richard Green