An Objective Look at the Objections to Wind Power

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With somewhere around eighty nations around the world using wind generators to supply commercial power around the world, it is hard to imagine that there has not been more done about it in some of the other developed nations. In fact, Denmark produces nearly twenty percent of its nation's power from wind alone. The fact is that wind power and wind generators are excellent sources of alternative energy and do need to be considered when we are looking for renewable alternative energy resources.

A great many of the controversies surrounding wind energy seem to focus on two primary concerns. One major concern is the impact that wind generators have on the bird populations where they are placed. The second major concern is that the wind power is not a full-time method of power generation and can only be harnessed when nature cooperates. Apart from these two concerns, most of the other "objections" to wind generators and wind power seem to be the same old NIMBY (Not In My Back Yard) attitude that is associated with other methods of power generation.

As for the birds, this argument is not entirely for the birds, no pun intended. These are very real and very serious concerns that need to be addressed. However, like many problems, there are solutions to all of these problems. The placement of the wind generators is certainly a primary concern. However, there does not seem to be much concern about dumping nuclear waste in a natural cave running over three major fault lines, it seems that one viable alternative would be the placement of the wind farms in the middle of the desert.

The other concern as was previously mentioned is the lack of a constant supply of wind. Well, anyone who has ever driven through Nevada from North to South or vice versa is probably aware of the intense winds that constantly flow through the desert unchecked by cities, buildings or more than a few minor obstacles such as low-lying mountain ranges. Again, it seems that we should be able to turn to some of the harshest countryside in our nation to be saving grace so to speak.

So now the question becomes is it feasible to use these wind farms in the middle of the desert to generate wind power, store the electrical current that is created and then transport it to the areas that need it most? Well, there is certainly no great call to light up the Nevada Desert at night so the local uses for it would be pretty limited. So how difficult is the storage and transportation of the wind energy created in the desert?

The same things are being done on a regular basis at commercial levels in over eighty countries that are not nearly as "advanced" or "developed" as the USA is. It seems that this would indicate that it is not only possible but very likely that it could be done. The question then becomes, why is there not more being done to advance the cause of wind generated power? Maybe it is time to stop using so much power to blow smoke up the collective's … objections and start harnessing all that wind blowing unchecked into something that we are in dire need of … a new and renewable source of power and energy.

Source by David Y Gonzalez