Amp Meters & Volt Meters Connected To Solar Panels & Battery Bank

Loud at 5:20 ~ no volume leveling on mic.

Added Amp meter before feed to Xantrex C40 charge controller. Measuring 20+ Amps 20 volts racked combined solar panel feed thru to regulator. Added 100 amp max analog meter feed trhu to battery bank from (-) copper plate. Total power measuring to battery. Running, fan, drill press, bench grinder & leaf blower. Leaf blower running at 105V AC 540 watts 5.8 amps.

Combined solar power panels. 3 harbor freight 15watt amorphous, 8 Sunforce 15watt amorphous, 4 Siemens mono crystalline 55watt, 1 Sharp 80 watt poly crystalline, 2 Kyocera 80watt combined. Amorphous on separate 7 amp charge controllers. 12 AGM, 3 gel maintenance free batteries. 2 copper bars, 2 copper plates as bus connections. Mounted amp meter volt meter from bus plates. Mounted controllers and 1500 watt sine inverter volt meter amp meter gauges.

45 Watt Solar Panel Kit from;

Sunforce 50048 60-Watt Solar Charging Kit from;

UB12350 Universal 12 Volt 35AH Battery batteries from;

Gauges from;

Power Bright 1500 Watt Pure Sine Inverter & Battery cables from;

Power Inverter – Inverters R Us Corp – Your DC to AC Superstore

Ultra-Conductive Copper (Alloy 101) bars from;

Ground Mounting Rails, 1-1/4″ X 1-1/4″ 6ft 12 Ga from

Hardware nots bolts, copper plates from;

Kyocera Sharp & Siemens Panels from ebay.