Alternate Forms of Energy – Convert Your Home Today and Save!

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In just the past two years we’ve experienced an economic downfall and a realization that we, as Americans, need to become very much less dependent on oil. With gas prices soaring in 2008 and in the middle of war brought on by oil itself, it is high time we kick ourselves into high gear to find another source to power our nation.

Not only that, but we need to turn to alternative forms of energy because our present forms are wreaking havoc on our atmosphere.

Several campaigns have popped up across the country to push for more use of coal. But is this a good solution? In my opinion, it isn’t.

First off, coal, like oil, is finite. Once we mine it out for the next many years and use it at the stunning rate that we consume energy, it will be dried up fast. Secondly, the process of mining coal is a very dangerous procedure in which many Americans have already fallen victim to in the past. It’s filthy, it’s not going to last, and if you breathe it in for any extended period of time it will kill you, throwing you at the mercy of what’s known as “the black lung”.

I believe the future of American energy lies in solar and wind power. Both are powerful enough to produce alternate forms of energy that will provide energy to power our homes and businesses. Not to mention these sources are infinite.

The sun will be in it’s place for thousands of years to come and wind will certainly never cease.

Another strong argument for solar and wind energy is that it’s cheap and easy to build and install on residential homes yourself. It’s simple enough for anyone to do and there are government grants that can assist in the cost. Which the costs of producing your own solar panels and wind turbines are very low (around $200 each) compared to the costs of buying pre-made systems which can run over $2000 per solar panel and wind turbine.

Source by Bradley Montagno