ALEKO WGV75 50W Nom 75W Max 24V Vertical Wind Turbine Wind Generator

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Features: Every turbine is finely balanced. Smooth rotation is ensured Quiet in operation Unique and purpose designed generator The turbine spinning when other wind generators stall Overall delivers more Ampere hours of power per day especially in low to average wind speed. This is the one of the small size ALEKO® vertical wind generator, can be around the home, farm, boat, business, or anywhere else where the power is needed. This is a great working conversation piece to show the potential of what can be done with renewable energy today. Not only is it perfect for battery maintenance, it can also be used to power remote lighting, laptops, communications equipment, signs, or nearly anything imaginable that is electronic in nature. You can connect this unit to any 24V DC battery directly to charge it, and then run DC devices off the battery. Or, attach a small AC output inverter, then run your AC powered appliances. The ALEKO® WGV75 is popular wind turbine in home yard, boats, advertising signs, telecommunications tower, etc. Thousands have been sold and are in use worldwide. People have the particular inclination for it’s clean, aerodynamic lines and its quiet and continuous operation. Without any doubt ALEKO® WGV75 accumulates more energy than any other comparable wind generator available.Controller is included! Mill Diameter: 18″, Working Wind Speed: 9-50 Mph
Blade Length: 23″, Nominal Rated Wind Speed: 22Mph
Max Wind Speed: 100Mph, Nominal Power Rating: 50Watts
Maximum Power: 75Watts, RPM: 260
Rated Output: 24V DC, Weight: 28Lbs, 1-Year Warranty