ALEKO WG3KW 3KW 3000 Watt Residential Wind Generator Complete Kit with Controller, Dump Load and Inverter

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Use wind energy to generate electricity and charge into storage battery group. Through the multi-voltages power supply system, the electricity can be changed into DC and AC used for illumination, home appliances, communication devices and electric tools. This complete system comes with everything you need: blades, rotor, permanent magnet generator, tail vane, charging controller, dump load, inverter and hardware.Voltage: 48V, Rated Power: 2000 Watts, Maximum Output: 3000 Watts
Working Wind Speed: 3~25 m/s, Wind Generator Weight: 190 Lb
Rated RPM: 450 r/m, Suggested Battery Capacity: 12V 200AH/4pc
Speed Regulation Method: Mechanical Yawing+ Electromagnetic Brake
Complete Power System (Controller, Dump Load and Inverter Included)