ALEKO PP20W12V Polycrystalline Modules Solar Panel 20W 12V Portable Green Energy Power

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Solar panels use the energy from the sun to convert light into electricity. A solar panel helps in collecting solar energy so that it can be used to fulfill general daily electricity requirements as well as development of advanced technology. It is a great alternative for generating electricity which not only brings down your electricity bill, it also helps in reducing carbon emission by not using electricity produced by fossil fuel. ALEKO solar panels use the most premium components and raw material. ALEKO solar panels use only Grade A quality, high purity silicone cells. ALEKO does not incorporate used, rejected, refused or second hand cells into its solar panels. The aluminum frame is specially produced for ALEKO solar panels and is designed to provide a perfect balance of technology, style and function.Polycrystalline Solar Panel 20W 12V.
Designed to meet industrial standards and good for commercial use.
Low iron tempered glass. High transparency and light absorption. Enhanced stiffness and impact resistance.
Rated maximum power: (Pmax) 20W.
Open circuit voltage: (Voc) 21.60V.