Air Conditioning On Off Grid Solar… Can It Be Done?

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Check out our Off Grid Solar Basics course! Can you run an air conditioner on an off grid solar setup? It’s not impossible as some may think.



45 thoughts on “Air Conditioning On Off Grid Solar… Can It Be Done?

  1. IMRROcom

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  2. Jamison Salzman

    What that much property to work with, why not go with a plex pipe bio-cooling system and use the electricity to go completely off-grid???

    Bury a plex pipe 3-4 deep, in a loop around a large area, and the earth will cool it to 55 degrees. Heat problem solved.

  3. Ray Turley

    Awesome system and information; thanks for posting. One small bit of advise; I noticed your water heater Temerature and Pressure (T&P) releif valve is not piped off but open to the room where you have your power components. Just a suggestion but if that water heater overheats all that water will come out of it with significant force. All of those electrical components will be exposed to quite a bit of water. Hope this helps.

  4. John Vatic

    const int led = 6;

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  5. MsNailgun

    I have a friend who has a huge house. He has a cooling unit for both upstairs and downstairs. The house is all electric as well. He is tied in to the local electric co. Most of the time, the power co ends up owing him because his setup is so efficient. It absolutely can be done.

  6. yixnorb

    I could save a lot in electric bills if I just not run my 11000 btu ac on the grid. How much for a solar setup just for a dedicated line to the ac???

  7. Ken Wilson

    I hope you are using the BMS in each Tesla battery module where you can automatically disconnect the battery pack & that you're not using a traditional solar charge controller. If you can't affirm to both of these statements contact me immediately or visit EVTV episodes about selfish solar for safe off grid solar with Tesla battery modules. In particular watch the episode titled "EVTV Friday Show – June 16, 2017. Taming the Tesla Model S Battery Module": The main part of interest to you will be starting at about 57 minutes into the show, which discusses how to safely use Tesla battery modules without a fire. Or just contact me.

  8. mark mc

    What made air conditioning feasable and economical for solar off grid was the inverter (variable speed compressor) mini-split with a seer rating over 20.
    Go for the highest seer rating you can afford.

  9. Steve New

    I am far from off the grid… I but I did just installed a 62 panel solar system for my large house. (4500+ sq ft)
    I am just not sure what is good and what is bad as far as how much energy I am producing. It shows that during the peak day (if it's sunny) I am producing around 3200 – 3500 kwh.
    Is that good or is that just average?
    I'm still new to this and want to learn all I can.

  10. remocres

    good vid but 1 statement with a.c it so big it only takes minutes to cool. and small units sized for tiny houses are rare. having overcapacity of a.c btu can result in cold but clammy because it cannot remove humidity . not too much that can be done in that case but in a home if calculations say 3 ton unit putting a 4 or 5 ton unit is not a good idea. . theses typs of ac now are coming out with ability to have more than 3 air handlers so new construction or major remodeling could result in a lot less loss than dusted air

  11. Kennick Mackenzie

    thank you we run two fans a blender wifi and three cell phones and two laptops how many batteries would we need we are thinking about batteries and an inverter 4000 to 6000 watt we have an air conditioner however we figure to run the air conditioner would require more batteries and maybe a seperate inverter panels too much here we are in the Carribean lots of heat and lots of sun would love to do the air conditioner but cannot figure out an alternative way thank you for this video really helpful we too spend most of our time in about a 300 sq foot space though our home is much larger we do not have to turn on too much in the other areas as we do not use them as much thank you

  12. Max Gorriceta

    Variable speed compressor “inverter” mini splits and window air conditioners are better for off grid applications.

    No need to worry about the startup power draw typical of standard air conditioning unitsz

  13. Isaac Ventura

    little!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! little!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! your solar is big. and 1000 w is not a lot not to be mean but you do not need half of your solar to run that ac.

  14. Lucas Wendel

    Probably would be a good idea to get a inverter driven AC Unit. This way you get a steady smaller load instead of high peaks. Inverter Units use less power as well as not requiring peaks.

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