Africa’s First Solar Powered Football Pitch!

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Nigeria has suffered from lack of power and electricity for years, therefore in a bid to bring solar energy fully into Nigeria, music superstar and solar entrepreneur, Akon, has teamed up with Shell to light up Nigeria using solar energy, by organizing Africa’s first solar powered football pitch in Lagos.

“We are using the energy of people playing soccer to generate power,” says one of the organizers.

BattaBox presenter Adeola attends the launch of the first ever players power pitch in Africa which took place at the Federal College of Education, Akoka, Lagos.

“The faster you run, the more energy can be created,”

The energy of people dancing, running, driving on the roads etc could create power to light up the roads and various parts of the city.

“You can even charge your phone with it,” says Adeola

The pitch was reconstructed by shell using over 90 underground tiles that capture kinetic energy created by the movement of the players.

This initiative is part of Akon’s commitment to teaching young Africans and Nigerians the importance of harnessing the continents renewable energy.

Watch and enjoy!


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