Advantages and Disadvantages of Wind Powered Generators

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Out of every thing we have invented so far, Electricity is one that has impacted us the most. This product has become the primary source of energy around the world. No other energy source even comes close to it. We daily use electricity without even realizing it, for example most of us are waken up in the morning by an alarm cock powered by electricity, our fresh morning coffee is made in an electric coffee maker and so on, you get the idea. One can say that our world is actually moved by electricity. Now all those Megawatts of power are produced in power plants all over the world and most used fossil fuels such as petroleum and coal for that purpose. With emerging countries such as China and other developing countries the demand for electric power has skyrocket putting a strain on the fossil fuel supplies which are being depleted at a rapid pace causing its price to be constantly increasing. Further more burning fossil fuels emit unwanted byproducts such as carbon dioxide and sulfur which are causing the greenhouse gases effect and acid rain respectively. This world wide occurrence has made a lot of people to reevaluate our mode of producing electricity and lots of considerations are being given to alternative energy sources. One of those alternatives is the Wind Powered Generators.

Wind-powered generator are machines that basically uses the power of wind as a prime mover to power an electric generator. We have all seen old western movies with a wind mill, on the property, that is utilizing wind power to pump water from the ground. Actually artifacts have found that as for back as 500 BC, human has harnessed wind power, Persians were using windmills to pump water, cut wood, and grind grain among others. Even today windmills can still be found in use on some remote farms. The novelty is its use to generate electricity industrially. The first practical industrial wind powered generators were built in the 70's, however its use was not as customary as it is today. To understand the implication of using such generator we need to look at its advantages and disadvantages ..

The foremost advantage of wind powered generators is that they have zero gas emissions. That is an intense leap comparable to fossil-fueled power generators. Since we see the alarming increase of greenhouse gases, directly related to global warming, everyday, we needs the next generation of power generators to be as clean and as environmentally friendly as possible. Since no toxic gases are emitted small wind powered generator can be built in residential areas without any adverse effect.

Another factor to the advantage of the wind powered generator is the fact that it is practically silent comparable to a conventional generator. Other advantage of this technology is that with a permutation of suitable engineering and sufficient wind, these generators can have high output rate up to the Megawatts. Further more where topography does not allow for big structures or to take advantage of certain wind pattern few small turbines can be connected together.

The major disadvantage of wind powered generators is: wind. The wind pattern and condition are constantly changing. Even in places where there has been an established wind patter for centers the wind velocity varies from day to day, making it hard to have a constant output. The requirement for strong, constant wind for efficient production of electricity had the power companies located their generators in coastal areas. Additionally the structure of most commercial wind powered generators is tall and massive, with size proportional to the wind power it can harness.

More researches money is now available in the wind power arena due to its natural advantages over other power source for electric generators. With this increase implementation of Aeolian energy and other alternative energy sources as a whole, there is hope for our future. These rapid changes will eventually bring clean electrical energy to remote and developing areas. For an electricity-dependent world to function flawlessly, it is vital that power supplies are proportionate to the demand of the communities and businesses. In my opinion wind powered generators is one component of the solutions for adequate clean power.

Source by Steven G. Chambers