Advantages and Disadvantages of Wind Energy: REVEALED

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There are Advantages and Disadvantages for Building Your Own Wind Energy System. Discover What They Are!

Like any other form of energy, wind energy has immediate and obvious advantages but also some drawbacks. Therefore any decision to install wind energy generators must take into account these different factors.

Wind machines and wind turbines can effectively generate energy as electricity for free as long as the wind is available. Because wind is free and renewable, wind turbines generate clean and renewable energy, which already gives it an immense advantage compared to be contaminating fossil fuel plants that have already done so much damage to the earth’s ecology. In addition modern technology means that wind turbines can automatically adjust their blades to maximize the use of wind even if the direction changes.

In different parts of the U.S., large wind energy installations are being created. In Texas for example the Horse Hollow wind energy center is already powering more than 220,000 homes in the neighborhood. This is done through the 421 wind turbines that are in the park. In addition to this, testing of wind turbines and wind machines can be done in places such as the wind park just off the coast of Cape Cod in Massachusetts. It is the first of its kind and likely to be a forerunner of many others.

The immense advantage of wind power that many people see is its cheapness once the initial installation has been made and the fact that using it does not depend on any imported fuel. This is a big advantage compared to fossil fuels such as oil, which the U.S. imports heavily from other countries and therefore must pay for with a considerable part of the national budget.

Wind energy therefore is independent of any particular producer and available to anyone in the country who wishes to use it. Because it is not generated by any particular mechanism specific to any particular country, but rather by the overall effect of the sun’s rays falling on our planet and the way that the earth continually turns on its axis, wind energy is therefore a truly democratic means of generating electricity.

The cost of electricity for wind turbines can be as little as 4 to 6 cents per kilowatt-hour. In making this calculation it is necessary to take into account the financing for the initial installation of the project and also the site selection in terms of the amount of wind available and therefore the amount of electricity that can be generated. However together with other renewable energy of such as solar energy wind energy is one of the cheapest forms of renewable energy anywhere on earth.

In farms and ranches where wind is abundantly available, wind turbine towers can be installed to satisfy a continual demand for low cost electricity. Individual power suppliers also come to business arrangements with farmers renting a few square yards of land to be able to erect towers and generate electricity.

It is perhaps the initial cost of wind turbines, which is the main factor in any financial calculation. Although the initial cost has been reduced over the years, it is still a major factor in terms of installing wind turbines compared with conventional generators. For this reason fossil fuel may still attract investment for some cases.

Wind power is also clearly dependent on the availability of the wind itself. Sites need to be chosen where there is as continual a supply of wind as possible. It should also be remembered that natural phenomena such as tsunamis can have dramatic effects on the weather patterns of any area and therefore of the wind supply and velocity.

Because wind parks need a lot of wind and because towns and cities are often constructed in more sheltered areas there is also the problem of making such renewable energy available to city dwellers. Often the installation of electric cables to carry the electricity from the source to the destination is not a profitable activity.

Environmentally, wind turbines to need to make progress in terms of both their appearance, which can be a blot on the landscape and also the noise that they make. Environmentalists are concerned that the harm of the wind turbines may be a distinct disturbing factor on the surrounding ecology.

Source by Jim Martin