Achla Designs Celestial Orb Solar 10-Inch Gazing Globe Ball, Teal

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Named “Spheres of Light” by Antonio Neri in 1612, the first gazing globes date back to 13th century Venice. Popularized in the Victorian era, the mirrored finish provided a fish-eye view of the entire garden, and they were believed to fend off misfortune and deliver happiness and joy. Add color, charm, and good luck to your garden with these sparkling jewels from ACHLA Designs. The glass globes are blown in a layered technique that gives a crackly appearance over the colored glass and mirror finish while retaining structural integrity. All Crackle Glass Gazing Globes have a stem that allows them to sit securely in any of our gazing globe stands. Stands come in a wide array of sizes and styles. Globes are available in three sizes and thirteen colors.Solar Gazing Globe in Teal frosted crackle glass
10-inch diameter gazing globe
Made of hand-blown glass and available in 5 ethereal colors
Internal LED light runs on the small solar collection panel, which can be staked nearby
Sold as a complete, 2-part unit- Glass globe with an electrified LED bulb fitted inside (5 – 8 year life) and the separate plug-in solar collector with lithium battery
Use with our wide array of Achla Designs wrought iron Gazing Globe Stands