A Wooden Dog Kennel Makes An Attractive Home For Your Special Dog

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There are a variety of reasons that pet owners choose to purchase a dog kennel, or dog run. Perhaps your yard is unfenced and you need a safe way to contain your animal. You may own a dog that does well with your family but not so well with strangers and need a way to safely enjoy both. Or, you may live in an area with other wildlife that doesn’t co-exist so well with canines. Whatever your reason for selecting a kennel, you have a number of options. One particularly good alternative is a wooden dog kennel.

A wooden dog kennel can be a practical and very attractive addition to any backyard. It can also be the answer to the many dilemmas that face dog owners who want to provide a safe and comfortable place for their special family friend but prefer an alternative to standard chain link dog kennels. With a wooden dog kennel you receive all the benefits of a traditional kennel with the added bonus of a solid side panels to protect your pet from wind and weather. Not only can wooden dog kennels be more aesthetically pleasing than chain link alternatives, particularly in natural surroundings, they are very well suited for dogs that live outside year round.

A wooden dog kennel normally has a portion known as a run which is enclosed with chain fencing or mesh. This part is attached to a “house” section which provides total shelter for your dog. Your dog is free to move between his house and his run. Wooden dog kennels are typically ordered by specific size though some manufacturers will make them to your specifications. These free standing mini-buildings require a solid base, such as a concrete slab. Often the manufacturer will offer installation and assembly at no charge or for a nominal additional fee. Most can be assembled by the accomplished do-it-yourselfer.

If you have more than one dog, it is possible to find a double wooden dog kennel that is perfect for housing two dogs. Each will have his or her own private area including a house and a run. The costs for either the single or double kennel will depend on the size of the kennel you select. It is best to find a wooden dog kennel manufacturer and discuss your size requirements with them. Most are well experienced in how large a kennel the various breeds require and they can help you make an informed decision. Once you know how big your wooden dog kennel should be, they will be happy to provide you with detailed pricing.

Wooden dog kennels require minimal maintenance. Most are designed with interior cleaning in mind so that you can easily enter to remove debris and hose down the surfaces. They are typically treated with pressure treated wood that is designed to stand up to the elements but periodic weather sealing is always a good idea if you would like to slow down the effects of weathering. You would handle your wooden dog kennel much the same way you would treat your outdoor decking. With a little attention, your pet’s private hideaway will last for many years.

Source by Malcolm Nguyen