A Simple Homemade Solar Power Generator – Build Cheap DIY Solar Powered Generators Plan

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Use of renewable energy is now being harnessed by many people as calls for environmental protection and natural resources conservation are being the talk of the town. Consumers also are now finding ways and means not only to help mother nature but also save and spare money from the cost of daily living which is now becoming higher and higher. It is good to know on how to build cheap diy homemade solar powered generator.

Solar energy generator are basically like batteries which stores energy from the sun and keeps this power stocked up until usage for such is needed to run appliances or electrically run apparatuses.

Building a solar energy generator is initially costly and spending out a considerable amount of cash is the only way to go. However return on investment is very good and feasible since the large initial amount is shelled out only once (during installation except of course for probably maintenance and repair), however use of such is electricity and power is on the daily basis. Savings must be huge as the increasing price of electricity is cut into half or much better zero as dependence on using the solar energy generator becomes a hundred percent. Return of investment may be attained in a couple of years or much shorter should price of electricity continue to soar.

To start making a solar energy generator purchase of solar panels is needed or building one’s own can also be accomplished (choosing which option one must take will depend on the financial situation and the capability of the person to make such from ordinary items). If buying of a solar panel is the chosen selection by the user it is suggested to buy a solar panel whose rating is 12 volts. Buy or acquire also a dc meter, an inverter (to convert dc to ac which is needed by some electronic devices) and deep cycle batteries (choose batteries which are dependable and are able to handle long and continuous usage). Building a suitable battery box may also be required to keep the equipments from being destroyed and for curious people from getting hurt. Insulation is also proposed for purposes of safety, efficiency and quality output of the generated electricity.

To start off making a solar energy generator the meter as well as the input device is attached to the battery box and after this all these items are now part of the box, together with the DC meter and the inverter each are connected to the solar panel.

This type of solar generator is able to run small household appliances such as electrical fan, personal computer, radio and television however this is dependent on the quality of charge it receives from the sun’s rays. The capability of the solar energy generation is dependent on how much it was able to get and receive from the sun. Know you have a better idea on building a cheap diy homemade solar powered generator.

Source by Giovani Sotto