6 Stance Tips to Correct Golf Slice Problems

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Slicing of a ball in golf occurs when the ball is hit incorrectly and not square on with the face of the club. This puts a spin on the ball, causing it to veer to the left or the right of the aimed for target, depending if you’re right or left handed. Perfecting your stance can correct golf slice issues and greatly improve your game. The tips below provide you with a few examples of how you can improve your stance and cut down on mistakes.

Reign In Your Stance

It is possible for a stance to be too wide. When this happens, you leave yourself open to be off the mark when hitting the ball and this can lead to slicing. If your feet are wider than your shoulders, then your stance is too wide and should be reined in. Feet should remain shoulder width apart and knees should be slightly bent and not locked.

Position the Ball to Work with Your Stance

When you are trying to correct your golf slice, the placement of the ball can have a profound effect. Placing the ball too far away will cause you to reach and your shoulders will be far beyond your hips, messing up your swing and causing you to be off balance. The ball should be placed about 2-3 inches inside the heel of your left foot for the best effect.

Fixing Your Stance with Uneven Lies

Although your stance should remain the same for most golf shots, to correct golf slice on uneven lies, it is necessary to adjust your stance accordingly. If your feet are above your ball, then you will need to make your stance slightly wider for that shot. However, for uphill and downhill shots, your right foot should move closer to your left, but not enough to make you unbalanced.

Correct Golf Slice in Windy Conditions

It is hard enough to play in strong winds and if you want to avoid golf slice, then you need to adjust your stance for the conditions. Make your stance a bit wider if you are losing your balance due to the wind. When you putt in windy conditions, you can turn your toes inward to further steady yourself.

Creating a Square Lineup

A lineup that is square will give you an ideal setup for hitting the ball straight. To do this, your feet should be parallel to the target you are aiming for. Your shoulders and hips should begin in this same position directly above your feet as well.

Line Your Hands Up Properly

Another step that is often overlooked when it comes to the correct stance is the lining up of the hands when you grip the club. Be careful to create a solid grip that is not too firm, in which the hands line up properly with the club and ball and be careful not to lock your elbows.

Creating the perfect stance can go a long way to correct golf slice problems. Slicing is a common problem for most golfers, but by following the tips above and achieving the ideal stance you can make a strong foundation that allows you to hit the ball in the best manner possible.

Source by Matthew J Barrett