50 MW Solar Power Plant for NTPC at Rajgarh, Madhya Pradesh

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The 50MW flagship project in Rajgarh, Madhya Pradesh, is the largest Indian solar project to use domestically manufactured solar modules. Built over 240 acres …



19 thoughts on “50 MW Solar Power Plant for NTPC at Rajgarh, Madhya Pradesh

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  3. Deepak Jindal

    terrain is really problem here, they should have even the land (don't lie with flora fauna shit). it increased solar production. secondly since you are installing it in such a large number, they should have considered installation of sun tracking panels, which can increase the electricity production by 10-15% due to more sun radiation. smart idea but indian quality. 🙁

  4. Saurabh Jain

    I want to set up a 1 MW solar power plant. I have approx 20 acre agriculture land in Madhaya Pradesh. Can we get any subsidy from the government? And how we do touch with M.P government for sale electricity and loan details please help

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