5 Good Things about Residential Wind Power Generators

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The constant increase in their monthly electricity bills has made it essential for homeowners to explore alternative energy sources. Many people even explore options to generate and use green energy by harnessing sunlight, wind and other weather elements. If you are staying in an area with good wind speed, it is a great idea to harvest the wind energy by installing residential wind turbines.

The wind turbines are designed with spinning blades that can activate a generator whole being rotated by the wind. So the turbine captures the wind energy and converts it into electricity. You can store the electricity to meet your current and future energy needs. If you are new to wind energy productions and usage, it is important to understand a number of good things about home wind power generators.

  1. Low Cost: The wind turbines generate 100% clean, green and renewable energy by harnessing the wind. As cost of wind is zero and fixed, the equipments can generate electricity without incurring any extra expenses. Also, you are not required to use any additional materials and components to use the energy. However, you have to invest some amount initially to buy and install the wind power generators. The initial investment will help you in getting free energy over many years. Also, you can install wind turbines to reduce your dependence on expensive energy sources like electricity and fossil fuel.
  2. Environment Friendly: An increase is noted in the number of people exploring options to preserve the environment and planet. You can always use wind turbines to generate electricity without combusting any fuel or chemicals. So the wind energy can be generated and used without causing any damage or harm to the environment. Many researchers have also highlighted that wind energy generation must be encouraged to reduce green house gas emission.
  3. Less Maintenance and Replacement: Some equipment requires frequent maintenance to perform optimally. Also, sometimes a user is required to replace some key parts or components to boost the equipment’s performance. But the wind power generators can be used regularly without requiring any major maintenance or repair. However, you have to clean the wind turbines blades and motor at periodic intervals to boost its efficiency to generate more electricity.
  4. Turbine Design to Suit Your Average Energy Needs: Many people use wind energy as their primary source of energy, whereas others install wind turbines to supplement their primary energy sources. The average wind speed of a location also determines the amount of electricity produced by a wind turbine. However, you have option to choose from a variety of residential wind power generators to suit your location. Further, you can determine the size, features and specifications of the turbines to meet the average energy needs of your family.
  5. Several Options to Keep the Birds Away: Many reports have highlighted the negative impact of wind turbines on birds and wildlife. But you have several options to protect the birds from being killed by the wind turbines. Before installing a wind turbine, you can remove all bird nests around the area selected to install the equipments. Also, you can use loud noisemakers to scare the wildlife away from the turbines. Similarly, the bats can be saved by installing radar around the wind turbine. The low noise emitted from the radar signals will keep the bats away.

Source by Arun Kumar Biswal