4 Battery Storage Containers Organizers Set Store Plastic Case Box AA AAA C D

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Batteries will always be something you need around the house. We use them for remotes, flashlights and games. The only problem is when you need to replace them and they start rolling around your junk drawer like a bad game of pin ball. The answer to that problem is this set of 4 battery containers. Each container is designed to hold a specific type of battery (AA,AAA,C,D). Batteries not included.4 Battery Containers: AA Holds 12AA Batteries, AAA holds 12 AAA Batteries, C Holds 8 C Batteries, D holds 8 D batteries
Dimensions: AA : 4Lx2.5Wx1.25H, AAA: 3″Lx2″wx1″H, C: 4.5″Lx2.25″Wx2.25″H, D: 5.75″Lx3″Wx2.875″