300W Wind turbine in up to 108km/h wind gust

This video was taken over several days last winter.
Wind turbine model is P-300W Hyacinth
It will output as specified 300W at 12.5m/s but with 3 blades instead of 6 it was designed with.
With 6 blades you will actuality get less power at the same wind speed and that has to do with the turbulence created by the extra blades.
Do not purchase a wind turbine that has more than 3 blades since that is clearly designed by someone that has no idea how to design a proper wind turbine.
All those 5 and even 7 blades are just a joke. People think more blades is better and help with low winds and that is not true.
If you do not have proper wind recurses in your area then better invest more in solar PV panels and do not waste money on wind turbines.
Do I recommend this particular wind turbine?
Yes if you have good wind resources at least similar with what I have here in Southern Saskatchewan Canada and there are no trees or tall buildings to create a lot of turbulence.
It has a relatively robust construction and luckily it has 6 blades so is easy to remove 3 of them and have a symmetric 3 blades wind turbine. The other 3 can be used as reserve in case they break but I think that is highly unlikely they seems to be robust enough.
But in most locations a solar PV will cost less and perform better than a wind turbine so unless you are relay sure you have good winds do not invest money in wind turbines.
In winter I get the sorts of winds you seen in the video every 3 or 4 days. Some times there are days in a row with those sort of wind.
The wind turbine is 24V so 12.5A in nominal 12.5m/s (45km/h) (28mph) winds. Keep in mind that half the wind speed means 8x less power so at 6.25m/s (22.5km/h) (14mph) constant not gust you only get around 37W.
Also I used only about 15m (50ft) of cable (3 phase AC) from the wind turbine to the controller inside and each conductor was 8mm2 (#8 AWG) copper. While less thick copper will work fro this current 12.5A nominal (over 20A possible in high winds as you seen) the voltage drop on cable in strong winds may be enough to damage the wind turbine.
Also single phase AC and DC will have the same voltage drop on the same cable thickness and at the same current.
Some people have the wrong impression that AC do not require the same cable thickness as DC and is false if the same current needs to be transfered.