21W Dual USB Solar Charger, PowerPort Solar for iPhone 7 / 6s / Plus, iPad Pro / Air 2 / mini, Galaxy S7 / S6 / Edge / Plus, Note 5 / 4, LG, Nexus, HTC and More

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NW 1776 Portable Solar Phone Charger, Power Your Life
Why Choose NW 1776 Solar Charger
NW 1776 solar charger has high efficiency conversion rate, so it can capture more sunlight than conventional solar panels, do not need much sunlight to charge items. The transformation efficiency is up to 22%-25%, while most of the similar products on the market is 15% or even lower
Off-the-grid Power
When you’re out enjoying the great outdoors, enjoy another perk: free limitless power. Simply spread out the solar panels or attach to your pack to start recharging your gadgets.
Superior Portability
Compact design (11.4 × 6.7in folded or 27.5 × 11.5in opened) and rugged stainless-steel eye-holes on each corner make attaching it to a backpack or tent a cinch. Super lightweight (20 oz) and , it easily fits in a daypack.
Incredibly Durable
Industrial-strength PET plastic faced solar panels sewn into high-wear polyester canvas ensure it’s able to withstand the trials of your outdoor adventures.
Advanced Safety
Short circuit and surge protection technology keep you and your devices safe.
* Solar Power: 21W sunpower solar charger
* Transformation efficiency: 22%-25%
* Output 1: 5V2.8A(Max)
* Output: 2: 5V3.5A(Max)
* Compact Size: 11.4 × 6.7inch
* Opened Size: 27.5 × 11.5inch
* Weight: 0.57kg/20oz (same as a power bank)
1. Due to the intensity of sunlight, the charging to your mobile often is not very stable.
2.To ensure best performance, we strongly recommend using your device with original cable or a third-party certified cable.
3. It will not work well in cloudy days.
Fast Charging Technology: delivers the fastest possible charging speed up to 2.8 amps per port or 3.5 amps overall under direct sunlight. 21 watt SunPower solar array is 23% efficient, providing enough power to charge two devices simultaneously.
Incredibly Durable: Industrial-strength PET polymer faced solar panels sewn into a rugged polyester canvas offer weather-resistant outdoor durability.
Highly Portable: Compact size (11.4 × 6.7in folded or 27.5 × 11.5in opened) and stainless-steel eye-holes on each corner allow easy attachment to backpacks, trees, or tents. Lightweight (20 oz) and ultra-thin design (1.18in folded or 0.63in opened) make it ideal for long treks.
Design with voltage regulator circuit, absolutely not damage your mobile device
PVC waterproof fabric, waterproof, wear-resistant, heat-resistant, can be used in any outdoor environment