20 Watt Do-it-Yourself Solar Energy Starter Kit

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Our 20 Watt solar power kit for do-it-yourselfers. Includes all the parts to build your own system to solar power lights, radios, laptop computer, fan, small tv and lots more. Includes an inverter to power AC devices.

We’ve made it very easy to put together with complete instructions.

20 Watt Solar Panel
SunGuard 4 amp charge controller
32 amp-hour sealed battery
Go Power! 175 Watt DC to AC power inverter
Voltage meter
12V DC outlet with fuse
What could you power?

If the 20 watt solar panel received 5 hours per day of full sun, then you would have:
1.2 amps (20W panel) X 5 hrs sun = 6 amp-hours/day
6 X 12V = 72 watt-hours per day.

If you were using a 15 watt 12V compact fluorescent bulb then you could light the bulb for 4+ hours with the energy you produced that day.

But you have a battery! Since the battery holds 32 amp-hours or over 350 watt-hours of energy, you could light the light for 12+ hours before you need a charge, but it’s better to charge it sooner.

You get the idea – the sun puts watt-hours into your battery and then you use it to power stuff that uses watt-hours. Energy in, energy out.

The charge controller prevents the 12V sealed lead-acid battery from over-charging, the inverter converts the 12V DC to 115V AC (standard household-type power).
Perfect for beginners that want to get started in solar but don’t know where to begin.

Upgrade available to move up to a Go Power 300 Watt Inverter.

Customize your own system. House the battery and components in a cooler on wheels or build a wooden box. Cut a hole and mount the panel voltage meter, and weatherproof with silicone sealant from the hardware store.

Makes a great demonstration system to show how a basic solar energy system works.Kit, solar energy, do-it-yourself, 20 Watt^ This listing is for Each