1600 Watt Missouri Raider Wind Turbine (black, 48 Volts)

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Wind Turbine Features:  

New Freedom PMGTM for efficient three phase power generation.  

3 phase bridge rectifier for converting to DC output.  

Heavy duty hub spacer/stabilizer.  

PMG mounting bracket and heavy duty Stars & Stripes wind turbine tail  

Mounting Bracket fits on 1.5″ schedule #40 or #80 pipe.  

Comes with 11 gray or black RaptorTM carbon fiber composite blades.  

Aerodynamically tapered blades for maximum output.  

Makes 59″ to 62″ swept area.

Overall length from blades to tail is 43″  

No slip rings to fail or replace. Simple and effective, the turbine uses a wire tension system which will last a lifetime. The single power transmission cord never twists because the wind never spins the turbine around in the same direction hundreds of times. Typically, the wind only comes from two directions. It has yet to be an issue with any one of the thousands of turbines we have distributed.    

Freedom PMGTM Features:  

NO COGGING – Cut in wind speed of 6 MPH  

17 mm Stainless steel shaft compatible with all Missouri Wind and Solar hubs  

Polished aluminum case  

Zinc plated 14 magnet rotor and skewed stator core  

Specifically designed for wind turbines.  Fits delco bolt patterns and mounts up to our standard mounting bracket.  

Freedom PMG Specifications:  

3/8″ Diameter bolt holes  1 15/16″ on center between mounting holes  

5 7/8″ OD Width  6 5/16″ Tall    

Why buy a Freedom PMG over a Delco car alternator PMA?  Each Freedom PMG rotor contains twice as much copper than any Delco style PMA – more copper equals more power!Hot dipped galvanized wind turbine tail and mounting bracket for a 50 year finish
Zinc plated hub – won’t rust
No painting necessary!
Up to 1600 Watts of output. No cogging with a cut in speed of just 6 MPH!
Features our Freedom PMG in aluminum casing