12V Solar Panel Charger for 12V Interstate Batteries PC1270 Battery – Mighty Max Battery brand product

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Mighty Max 12 Volt Solar Panel Charger with Alligator Clips is specially designed to handle any adventure. It’s waterproof, rustproof and dustproof design make it readily available for any storm Mother Nature brings. Protected from the rain, dust, salt air, and solar radiation makes this UV proof polycarbonate case the mightiest solar panel for your camping trips, RV, deer feeder, marine boats and yachts. Recharging and maintaining your rechargeable batteries to keep you on the road or afloat at sea.
Mighty Max 12 Volt Solar Panel Charger is equipped with a single crystal high grade solar cell and a durable fiberglass board. Its portable design allows for wall mounting, mounting on the ground, use without stands, and adjustable angles making it light weight, easy to install and completely maintenance-free.
Voltage: 12V
Current: 60mA
Max Power: 1 WATT
Length: 6.10 In.
Width: 5.43 In.
Wire Type: 18 AWG
Wire Length: 7’7″
Connectors: Alligator Clips

Genuine Mighty Max battery ProductMighty Max 12 Volt Solar Panel Charger and Maintainer With Alligator Clips.
Voltage: 12V, Current: 60mA, Max Power: 1 WATT, Length: 6.10 In., Width: 5.43 In., Wire Type: 18 AWG, Wire Length: 77, Connectors: Alligator Clips
Light Weight Portable Design Allows for Wall Mounting, Use Without Stands, and Adjustable Angles Making It Easy To Install And Completely Maintenance-Free.
Waterproof, Rustproof and Dustproof Design Making It Durable In Extreme Weather Conditions
Protected From The Rain, Dust, Salt Air, and Solar Radiation Making This UV Proof Polycarbonate Case The Mightiest Solar Panel For Your Camping Trips, RV, Deer Feeder, Marine Boats and Yachts.