10000mah solar charger power bank ipad android apple smartphone charger review

I didn’t watch this video after I recorded it. I know I missed some things out about it but most of them are included in the video.
Solar panel – trickle charge your battery in the sun. Can come in handy.
Decent battery – battery is big enough to charge 2100Mah 2 times! Enough juice.
Metal body – protection for the batteries and looks awesome. Also hard.
Battery not 10000mah – the battery pack is not a total of 10000mah but it’s 5700mah. But that is fine and was expected because it’s from China.
Heavy – this thing is heavy but that is obvious because it has a big battery pack inside it. It is heavy but not too much.
Disabled indicators – the leds don’t indicate properly. To me they just light up for the fun of it. Although it does give you an idea of what the battery level is about.
Bright LEDs – the leds are bright. Almost as bright as a white led used in videos sometimes to adjust the light. They are very bright and can be used to navigate in the dark.
Killer leds – the leds seem to use 98% of the electricity generated by the solar panel.

My rating – the battery may not be 10000mah but 5700mah but that for me is worth it for just £10. I recommend it although don’t depend on the solar panel to charge the battery. It does but it’s too slow