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World’s largest floating solar farm in E China

The 40-megawatt power plant, with 165000 {solar lights}, is built on the surface of a lake in east China’s Anhui. The lake takes shape as rain water accumulates …


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14 Comments on "World’s largest floating solar farm in E China"

  1. Rath Mam says:

    No dust or dirt to clean like the desert solar farms.

  2. this is AMAZING i love china!

  3. Is this some kind of joke? There's no fucking sun in China.

  4. o o says:

    It can only feed 15,000 homes for one year.

  5. paopao well says:

    my god chinese engineer are brilliant

  6. It's beautiful. The water below reduces temperature & improves PV solar efficiency too, but I think they should've left more gaps in between to let sunlight in so that the plankton won't die & the putrefying microbes grow unhindered with no UV sterilization. The putrefaction takes away oxygen & affects the whole lake too. Just move them a bit, I think

  7. Ahmed Gad says:

    China invaded the world specially the developing countries by its working hands.

  8. Great Job Thank you for keeping air clean 🙂

  9. Hoa Cothieu says:

    but it cover lake n ocean means block out sun feed on seaweeds or water plants which feed on creatures, fish n crabs n shrimp etc… so not all good, it depends though.

  10. Can they make it 100x bigger than it is now by this time next year? If they do, will it be enough to power at least 50% of China's power needs? How much more is needed?

  11. S Veronique says:

    It looks so cool . Very futuristic. I guess this is what the future looks like.

  12. amazing creates miracle beyond any nations could imagine for next centrury.

  13. They couldn't do that in the United States because of the endangered Yellow-Belly Tadpole, lol

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