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World Gone Silent Baofeng Solar Power Kit Product Review

Product review of “World Gone Silent Baofeng {solar lights} Kit” with 10000 mAh Li Polymer power pack/{solar lights} charger available from …


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8 Comments on "World Gone Silent Baofeng Solar Power Kit Product Review"

  1. Dan Stone says:

    That is a OEM SOS20K battery.

  2. if you were using that for real is get about 20 backup cords they break after wiggling and jiggling

  3. R L says:

    think it's the UV3 that allows you to directly recharge from solar panels without base charging station

  4. R L says:

    have used their handheld radios for years hope this product holds up as well

  5. danr97123 says:

    it would take many days to charge that battery pack unit from its integrated solar, then you get to charge the AAs off it. the components are not bad, but the "system" will not be practical because of the undersized solar. no disrespect. if you test this for a few cycles i think you will agree.

  6. Tom Olofsson says:

    Looking good Doc. Hope you are as healthy as you look. Great review.

  7. Java Red says:

    nice hopefully they have it at amazon uk

  8. Cool kit! I need to get the AAA pack for my radio.

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