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Woodward’s Gripe Water 130ml (Pack of 4)

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Woodward Gripe Water contains oil of Dill herb and Sodium Bicarbonate and brings rapid relief of wind and gripe. Dill Seed Oil warms and relaxes the tummy, breaking down trapped air bubbles. Sodium Bicarbonate neutralises acid in the baby’s tummy. Feeding your baby one teaspoon of alcohol-free Woodward’s Gripe Water everyday can help prevent those stressful wind attacks before they happen. The results are usually a resounding and satisfying burp. Woodward’s Gripe Water has been used by generations of mothers for over 150 years to soothe baby’s distress and stomach gripes and discomfort brought on by trapped wind in the stomach. Woodward’s Gripe Water does not contain alcohol or colouring and is certified halal.Gripe water is used to help upset stomach.
Woodward’s Gripe Water 130ml (Pack of 4)
Nice small size bottle for freshness.
Great taste so kids will even drink it.
All Natural.

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