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Winter Solar Power

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First snow and checking out the solar power in early winter.

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25 Comments on "Winter Solar Power"

  1. Pat zx24me says:

    Love your channel!!!!!

  2. Pete Stean says:

    If they're big with black beaks they're probably ravens – those guys can talk by the way!

  3. have you tried spaying the panels with WD40 the snow should slide off

  4. yveskc1 says:

    Nice setup. Thanks for sharing.

  5. I put my panel away for the winter and brought the batteries home I was scared of them getting stolen we won't be in the trailer at all this winter but we do want to snowshoe over when the river freezes and have some bonfires great video.

  6. Elyse Joseph says:

    Impressive Dale! We don't have a bit of snow left, it's going to be a gloomy Christmas!

  7. Bou Drone says:

    i bought some of those a few years ago, not using them. should figure something out to do with mine. i just got 120 watts total. cool video Dale!

  8. unatics says:

    I wish you were my grandfather.

  9. Hi, Dale! Our chickens love pasta.. We always make extra, when we have it for supper, so the girls can get to enjoy some, too.
    That type of solar panel should provide electricity (even if it's just a trickle) even on cloudy days. They also perform better in cold weather, when compared to the other style of panels. Try and keep the battery, in the cabin, from freezing and it should do well at keeping a charge for you.

  10. Just a light dusting of snow then! Glad to see the solar still working underneath, if they were on the roof of the cabin you'd just need a very long stick with your scraper on the end to save climbing up ?.

  11. Dale tried to send you a link yesterday and could not !! it was (Missouri wind and solar)YouTube. He put up some good advice a week or 2 ago solar panels for beginners series and compared harbor freight and 2 other types and what is the best deal and for the conditions . Glad he did it is searing me in another path . hope you can find it and let me know what your thoughts are !!

  12. I'm glad that your Solar system is working well really well. Sure you will happy when you see the end of that snow. Here we have high winds and severe flooding in the NW of England. Take care Dale

  13. cnypilot says:

    Those panels need a fur-coat! What C was it? I am always impressed at how well Snow will melt and slide off a dark pv panel regardless of ambient OAT. We've already had temps of -14C here at 2600 meters. :)

  14. Peter Meijer says:

    Got to measure amps, not volts Dale.

  15. I enjoy your cabin videos and admire your determination to carry on outside no matter how deep the snow is. It would be very tough for me to do that. I have gotten to the point that I don't like to stick my nose out the door if there is a flake of snow falling. Hahahah.

    One of the big things that helps me get through winter is knowing that from that Winter Solstice point on, the days will be getting longer. It is always exciting to count up a few minutes of extra daylight. I imagine that is really the case up where you are.

  16. I'm glad to see your solar panels are working well for you! I just checked our extended forecast and there are no freezing temps expected through December 19th. That's very unusual for us.

  17. Ttf Web says:

    As stated, the 13.7 is your potential load stored in your battery – so it's working well. Nice video.

  18. Linda Penney says:

    Awesome update thank you for sharing have a blessed week

  19. Surprised but pleased for you mate.

  20. Thanks for sharing Dale. Best wishes Bob.

  21. Glad to see the solar is working out what is it like on a cloudy day? They would have been a pain to clean on the roof.

  22. The 13.7 is the volts from a fully charged 12 volt battery, Nothing to do with the panels at all. The panels were not producing anything because the battery is already full. You need to put a good load on it to see if it is charging or have a meter between the panels and the battery.

  23. navajopa31 says:

    Dale: Just 6 more days until Mr. Sun begins it's southward journey. We have not had much cold weather here in Virginia and it rained for 5 days. Sunny today and so far a milder December than normal. Dug the rest of our Dahlias today and started cleaning up the greenhouse. Need to get the kerosene heater ready before I need it. Bernard

  24. Nicole Gomes says:

    I can't wait for winter nights back in the cozy little cabin. I really enjoy your channel.

  25. That's great how your solar panels are continuing to generate some power into winter. I remember on your installation video how you remarked on the reasons for placing the panels on the stand instead of the roof and as you say it has proved to be a good move! Nice one Dale, cheers :)

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    Learn how to bring any battery back to life again

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