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Early in the 13th century,windmill was invented by a dutchman whose name was Abu·Rola.Holland has the name of King of Windmill.It is the only country whose terrain is lower than sea level.Since it is in lower district,water often accumulate in lots of places.It is so inconvenient for people there.In order to pump water into the sea,windmill was invented.People used wind power to deal with water.It is environmental friendly,in addition it can save large amount of engery.With windmill,people in Holland also generate electric power,irrigate fields.

Windmill is a kind of power machine,its power is wind.Ancient windmill developped from sail and ship.But because of its low efficiency,later other {solar lights} appeared.

Two thousand years ago,China,Babylon etc used windmill to irrigate farm and crush rice.In the 7th century,Syria had its first batch of {solar lights}.There were strong wind in that district,and the winds blew toward the same direction.So early {solar lights} were made.In the end of 12th century,West Europe also appeared the first batch of windmills.Some people thought that the soliders who fighted in Palestinian district took the information about windmills back.However,the West design of windmill is different from the Syria’s.So maybe they were invented independently.After the 12th century,windmill developped fast in Europe.

And the difference of West windmill is its wing.The wing surrounded the vertical then moved around.Since the direction of wind in West Asia changed often.So windmill still had another equipment,it made the wing turn around toward its direction always.

Now west windmill is not used in crushing rice often.Especially windmill in Holland is one important part of their history and culture.If we have a visit to Holland,we will enjoy various windmills.So windmill is also a beautiful scenery.

In the recent centuries,as the development of steam engine,motor,{solar lights},people forgot windmill gradually.But since the power it used is clean and safe.Therefore it is popular now.

At present,there are almost two thousand kinds of windmills in Holland.People like windmill quite much.Every in large festivals,lots of windmills can be seen with flowers,flags and paper-stars.

Source by Mary Huang

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