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Wind turbines for the beginner How to part one by Missouri Wind and Solar

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46 Comments on "Wind turbines for the beginner How to part one by Missouri Wind and Solar"

  1. JackCondor44 says:

    are my eyes playing tricks on me or are just 2 of the 4 batteries in your bank hooked up?

  2. JackCondor44 says:

    why would I need a rectifier….   what applications??   …   is this turbine just perfect for home application…  not that I need 3 phase…  but the spare is Im sure a nice plus….

  3. Alex Barajas says:

    can you install a grid tie inverter to this system?

  4. Sissy says:

    I've been looking at solar power for emergency but I live in California and we are under weather warfare now 5 years. This is the reason why we have over extreme drought. Our blue skies almost don't exist and the sun is usually blocked by clouds even during summer as the military jets aerosol spray our skies almost 24/7 with chemtrails (prevents precipitation). After watching this video where I live we always have a sea breeze after 10 am until sundown. I need your opinion and advice asap because I want to be prepared for an emergency which may happen sooner than later!! Thank you, I really understand you with your breaking it down with a beginner!! I will be doing this project by myself and basically I just use my computer, cell phone, a light in living room and kitchen (refrigerator, toaster, coffee maker, washing machine and gas dryer and gas stove). If I don't have gas I have camping stove with plenty propane.

  5. Sal Delgado says:

    I saw the video David was did with his solar panel wrong size and short bracket after seeing this video is will think before ordering from your company

  6. this is great I have always believed in renewable energy it saves alot of money in the long run and a great contest is going on a solar panel mulimeter and wind turbine and he shows you how to set everthing up step by step thanks for the knowledge

  7. BR1967FE says:

    great info, thx

  8. VERY COOL! thank you SO much for this great information!!! Question, Do you think i could run a 1.5 hp swimming pool pump using a wind turbine and battery system like this?

  9. By rotating the rectifier 90 degrees it will allow for better cooling. The cold air would come in the bottom and the hot air would come out of the top.

  10. Quick question: Can you use solid AC house wire for the wild ac output from the wind gen. to the rectifier with little/no loss as you said using an AC extension cord? I realize that you don't want solid wire at the top moving back and forth but lets say you have a small splice of stranded wire to avoid this issue and accept any losses from the splice.

  11. lacey397 says:

    if it works

  12. Simply great!!

  13. Jeff, hope that you are the one reading this, because I really like to congratulate you, all your videos and explanation are way very well done !!!! I wish we could be able to build and sell wind and solar projects and equipments here in Brazil, i believe it would help a lot this so suffered people here, its just too bad that the pricing turns pratically impossible to purchase a functional equipament like yours,,, hey keep on going bro…

  14. Jeff is a good instructor. He is absolubly easy to understand. Wood work bro. Jeff. We will appreciate if you can post the name or part number and the place you buy your parts. Thank you for the show.

  15. myke Does says:

    Hi Jeff I have a Ginlong grid tie inverter (2000watt) that requires a single phase 240volt connection to the grid. Do you have a transformer that can assist me? I have single phase 120volt available. Ty Mike

  16. Jim Darnall says:

    What about vertical wind mills? Are they any good

  17. gloknor says:

    Great video but maybe I missed it but did you put any grounding for turbine masts in case of lightning strikes?I have purchased from you before on ebay and I wanted to say thanks for great products and the fast service .I wish I lived closer to come visit your store, anyway Keep up the good work.

  18. Kosmonooit says:

    rant about conductors is nonsense

  19. Inks Etc. says:

    Thank You Jeff and with all due respect, having look like Nicola Tesla, gave me a notion to watch your video and in the end I found it to be helpful to understand more about a wind turbine that I am working on building. I am in the process of gaining another generator, but will practice the connection with a dc motor from my father's air blower. Thanks again. Jason

  20. correction With different wind speeds

  21. Good day to You; First off Thank You for the video and all the information That you gave to all of us. I am trying to learn about wind turbines. I live in Central America ( Panama ) I learned a lot from You and I will be a Pest with questions. Remember that I know little to nothing. On the 12 volt car battery, What is best a deep cell boat battery or a car battery? With different with speeds, Would 2 wind blade turbines be best? Is the load dump a brake or a clutch? Gain Thank You

  22. splortz says:

    For safety's sake, you might consider sizing some circuit breakers to protect the upstream equipment in the event of a short on the load size. And hey, buddy, get a guard on that grinder before you lose an eye! ;-)

  23. idiots who think hiding their measly pissy littul no-invention and feed you all sorts of empty rhetoric for 90% of the useless video is going to make you want one! LOL
    click done!

  24. 1. Is there any reason I couldn't remove the rectifier from a car alternator run an extension cord into the house and then mount the rectifier closer to the battery bank?
    2. If i'm near seymour this summer could I come by to pick your brain?

  25. Ok you say in the video not to use solid house wire on wind turbines. Is this the case? Or did you mean to say not to use it on dc wind turbines? Im asking if I can use solid house wire with ac wind turbines?

  26. thank you very much for your video it was very informative however I do have an issue with what I'm actually looking for because I would like to connect to the entire house running a windmill if you could do another video that would be totally awesome and I would definitely be interested in purchasing a good model from your Source or from you however you're doing this please start another video to teach us how to get this done it would be very very good thank you very much.

  27. Mike O says:

    At what RPM does the alternator need to turn to produce the necessary power?

  28. Mike O says:

    What is the DC volt and amp output coming from the rectifier?  What would it be if you were using a 24V system?

  29. well good tell i had to read lol

  30. A Sikh friend of mine used to wear a special wind Turban on his head when he was riding his motorbike. Never came off once.

  31. Don Jackson says:

    Hi FolksWhat is the voltage coming out of the 3 phase unit? Don

  32. keith henry says:

    Can u pls explain what do u mean by wet battery

  33. John Frei says:

    Good stuff! Thanks

  34. these are so cool, ive been waiting for the prices to go down a little so i can afford one. Thanks for sharing your know how your videos are very informative.

  35. MyGavilan007 says:

    Hi all I just want to comment that the video is good but there is a lie designed on minute 13:09 he say the one is 10 blade unit, with small tail but it's 11 blades on it like the first one on the left and is facing to opposite direction why ? because the tail is to small and can't turn the turbine like the others, there is 4 turbines, 11,5,5,11 blades each but only the last one have small tail ; )

  36. is it possible to connect automotive lead acid batteries with wind turbine?

  37. All them lighting rods with no earth grounds.

  38. Great explanations. but the audio cut out towards the end.

  39. 1kyred says:

    I am a bit new to all this and has a question. What happens to the power that is not used when the charge controller disconnects the power going to the battery. Is this wasted power???

  40. joe bass says:

    i have my turbine tie in to my controller just the way it says. went outside to see and its sparking on the pole. looks like a short, can anybody help me. thanks, its a sea440 controller. turbine gos to batt then con,,, to the dump. lost

  41. I just wanted to say thank you for a wonderful informative video. I was about to make huge mistakes in choosing parts for a wind system but thanks to you I didn't. One question. Is there a reason to decide between 12V vs 24-48V battery banks. I need to select the type of battery first and work backwards. How does one choose? Thanks

  42. Frank Hurt says:

    Thanks for taking the time to explain things in such simple terms. There is so much contradictory information online, that it makes it really difficult for a homeowner to figure out without dedicating whole weeks to research.

    I'm eager to set up my first wind turbine, and I'm going to give Missouri Wind and Solar a closer look.

  43. may i know how much your 12 volts 300 watts complete kit and the shipping to hawaii

  44. `Why the haters? Excellent video and thank you for taking the time to explain the differences on all the equipment!

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