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Wind Turbine and Solar LED Security Lights: One Year Update

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Hey guys, just wanted to share how things are holding up after more than a year of use. Thanks for watching, and God bless.


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31 Comments on "Wind Turbine and Solar LED Security Lights: One Year Update"

  1. Aww the sounds of a farm all ya need is a moooow
     from a cow LOL

  2. sha whit says:

    Thanks John, great information.

  3. BUDDY LIGHT says:

    How many watts is your wind generator?

  4. john otoole says:

    you look tired, try and get some rest.
    Anywho, you could leave that tower up and use it with your 12 v equipment to power the out buildings and put your tower up next to that tower, since it's working. It may mot be the best but you can use a marine 12 trolling motor, since you will be switching the batteries over to 24 volts.

  5. I got some after watching your first review on these and mine are still working fine.  They have been out in the weather for many months now with no failures.

  6. MWS Turbines are quite nice.
    Glad to hear all still working well.

  7. Thank you jnull, this was VERY helpful. We are planning on purchasing solar lights, this could not have come at a better time!

  8. +jnull0 This is my main issue with country living. I do enjoy it here but having limited vision and no street lights  here in WNC. I walk out the door after dusk and I might as well be blind. Just too much to do and not enough $$ to do it all…

  9. Lynne N. says:

    Love hearing your animals John
    A question….Do the Goats have a house for protection from cold or sun?
    Does that crowing mean you have a rooster?
    love Shortie
    PS love a fuzzy face

  10. Very nice glad they are holding up well I am gonna have to invest in some of those lights. Thanks Brother God Bless!

  11. time sure flies! thx for the updated info

  12. Buckrun11 says:

    That light helped me find my tent last Oct. when I was there.

  13. Free light is always a good thing. And you can not bet free power.

  14. Hey buddy, thanks for the reviews. One thing that may help in the barn would be get a cheap either white primer or paint/primer mix and paint the areas where the light is and it will increase the effect of the light. Should make a sizeable difference. Good bless

  15. Cheeky Saver says:

    If  you are in Canada so far the best price I have found has been on some of the places below. I looked for systems with 60 – 80 LED lights. Enter Solar security lights in the companies search engine to find the results. They are not as cheap up here but they are still reasonable. (I am not getting anything for showing you this… just trying to save you a few bucks!)
    Princess auto also carries similar models but they are more expensive right now. Maybe a sale later.
    The one at canadian tire was a single bulb unit for $70… a rip off.
    The one at Lowes is $40 with 5 led bulbs. 
    Home depot is the WINNER for 39.88 you can get a 60LED system or for 49.98 you can get a 80 LED system. 
    Ebay For around $50 delivered you can get a 60LED bulb system or a 3 pack of them for $120 on ebay. The 80LED was more expensive.

  16. buzzsah says:

    How long do they stay on ?  6, 8 hours ?

  17. great review and I agree John  the shed light is crap  lol   does not put out like it should 

  18. live4wild says:

    Thanks J, I will be working on some solar projects next year. 

  19. r3x2b0 says:

    You could take the light off and check the voltage being applied to the lamp. If its 12v you can switch the lighting unit to something like a car led backup light. 

  20. may try and make reflector out of a old mylar balloon or foil for that small light. Can help allot to direct more light down. Free to experiment 

  21. Randy J says:

    comparing LED to Florescent is no contest.  Florescent bulbs have many issues especially when they get cold or when the humidity gets high.  The transformers they run off of have their own issues.  Combined they are just inefficient

  22. mary smith says:

    I hope to get wind turban and solar for my cabin within 12 months God willing

  23. good info John, never thought about solar security likes, thanks, will have to get some and put up around homestead.
    stay safe, prepare.  God Bless

  24. Lisa Huther says:

    Thanks for the info., John.

  25. Missy T says:

    We bought one of those wind turbines a year ago but never could get over 200 watts out of it. And we were in Oklahoma with it on a HAM radio tower, i think it was about 45 feet up. There are really big wind turbines around us and lots of wind. we got over 30 miles per hour winds all the time. The guy who sold it to us said it would make 1600 watts plus but when we moved my husband put it on his inboard boat engine and it never made much power there either. he said it made almost 1000 watts on his v8 engine.  I gave it all to a neighbor where we moved who said same thing after a few weeks. He took it down when 2 of the blades broke and put up the kind that is upright. No one I have seen shows them making a third of what they sell them at, can you do a video showing how you got yours to make so much more electricity than other people can? Seems no one shows them making what they are sold to be, or they never show more videos on them running after buying them. And theres so many mean videos I see done by people with wind turbines mainly by people selling them really. 
    Like your cooking stuff. I think you would have made a good chef for a western diner.

  26. Thanks for sharing the update, just starting to get into solar, bought 9 hb panels, and a trace charge controller cheep.
    100$. Been collecting batteries. And wire.
    Can hook everything up 12 v now.
    Just choose to wait until I get my 24 volt inverter. .
    Again thanks and I'll be mounting panels weather permitting.
    You tube viewer ss

  27. About that fluorescent shed light. With simple modifications, it can become a very bright light. Take that circuit out of the housing and place it with a larger (18" or 24" under the cabinet unit) to operate the larger tube. Also, take and replace the "npn" transistors that is used as the inverter for that light and use larger transistors that run higher power rating at a higher frequency. Now, while the solar panel with that unit will provide enough power, the storage battery will not hold up so using larger battery or a larger multipak battery would be recommended. Now, there are methods of using the old flyback transformer out of the older picture tube TVs and adding a few winding of house wire to them and a couple of power transistors (like that used in the 70s-mid 80s pioneer stereo systems and are online super cheap) that will not only fire off the one lamp, but actually several dozen of the two tube 36" standard fluorescent tube units, minus the either older ballast transformer or the newer exciter circuit. Would need an at least 20 watt solar panel and a good car battery to run the system. But you could fire up the whole place with that alone, including a green house if you want to. It would also fire up metal halide, sodium vapor, and or mercury vapor light bulbs. Even old burned out units as it "cold starts" the bulbs and tubes, thus not needing to be "warmed up" by the filament used in such units. The schematics are here on youtube and easy to follow. So, if you have a regular 75W or better panel to go along with that turbine and good batteries, then you just need the 12-20k inverter to fire all of your lighting needs.

  28. su sophie says:

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