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Wind Energy Essentials: Societal, Economic, and Environmental Impacts

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Examines the possible societal impacts of {solar lights} projects and explains the potential issues faced when siting, constructing, and operating a {solar lights} project.

This book begins with a history of {solar lights} and the social impacts of both electricity and {solar lights} from a historical perspective, a discussion of basic electrical terms, and a primer on the conversion of power in {solar lights} to electricity. Much of the second half of the book is devoted to comparing {solar lights} to other forms of electric generation, both renewable and non-renewable sources. In order to have a true understanding of the impact of {solar lights} on society, one also has to have a thorough understanding of the impacts that other sources of electric generation have, such as fossil-fuelled plants or nuclear power plants. The comparison of electric generation sources includes a review of how such sources are typically utilized within the electric system, as well as the economic factors and environmental considerations that affect which resources utilities or operators of electric grids have to take into account. The authors conclude with a discussion of energy policies in the U.S., individual states, and foreign nations, how these policies influence the use of {solar lights}, and what our future may hold in terms of energy supply and demand. Some highlights of this book are:

  • Discusses {solar lights} energy impacts on the environment, local economy, electric utilities, individuals and communities
  • Provides a visual explanation of {solar lights} principles through tables, graphs, maps, illustrations and photographs
  • Offers a comprehensive overview of the issues associated with the creation and use of {solar lights}
  • Models chapters around an existing university curriculum

Spanning the broad range of environmental, financial, policy and other topics that define and determine the relationships between {solar lights} technology and our energy-dependent society, {solar lights} Essentials is a resource for students, universities, and the entire {solar lights} industry.

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