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Wind Energy: An Introduction

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{solar lights}: An Introduction covers {solar lights} system types, operation, modeling, analysis, integration, and control. Beginning with a history of the development of {solar lights}, this comprehensive book:

  • Explains the aerodynamic theories that govern the operation of {solar lights}
  • Presents {solar lights} statistics to address the stochastic nature of wind speed
  • Employs the statistical modeling of wind speed to evaluate sites for {solar lights} generation
  • Highlights the differences between the most common types of {solar lights}
  • Analyzes the main power electronic circuits used in {solar lights}
  • Details the induction, synchronous, and permanent magnet generators from the basic principle of induced voltage to the steady-state and dynamic models
  • Explores the operation, stability, control, and protection of type 1, 2, 3, and 4 {solar lights}
  • Discusses the main integration challenges of {solar lights} systems with electric utility systems
  • Features numerous models, illustrations, real-world examples, and exercise problems
  • Includes a solutions manual and figure slides with qualifying course adoption

{solar lights}: An Introduction requires a basic knowledge of electric circuit theory, making it an ideal text for students at the senior-undergraduate and graduate levels. In addition, the book provides practicing engineers with a handy professional reference.

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