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  1. I did something similar with Avasva solutions.

  2. I did something similar with Avasva solutions.

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  4. For those interested in the solar field, there's a course I've created on Udemy about how anyone can land a job in the solar industry. bit.ly/solarjobcourse. If you want to have a great paying career while doing good for the planet – this course is for you.

  5. My small solar system after one year, the good and the bad https://youtu.be/X4IdUaRAARI

  6. Luis Tilton says:

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  7. Patel Vidhu says:

    Solar is definitely future. Very cost competitive compare to coal.

  8. Is solar bound by carnot efficiency ?

  9. Youness Bahy says:

    EasySolar is The easier solution that allows you to dimension your solar installation without any help,check this out: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=technisolar.easysolar

  10. fireofenergy says:

    What's the latest EROEI, efficiency and expected longevity, and are the materials abundant enough to power many full blown planetary civilizations? Many, because we'll need that much energy for the future (global warming reversal, ten billion person air and space travel, no poverty, etc).

  11. I'm not following this logic: "Employers will stop giving out free electricity because I've never seen employers with gas stations for their employees." The more people drive electrics, the more people you can attract with charging stations. And, how does the cost of installing a charging station compare with the cost of a gas station? And, it's incredibly hard to stop something once it gets established.

  12. Roger didit says:

    Solar power is A HOAX. 1) works 50% of time in 50% of country. 2) cannot exist without carbon powered backup. 3) Is expensive when distribution costs are added (desert to city)

  13. I am a Solar installer in Sunny Australia. Local or distrinuted solar generation is much more efficient than solar farms. Solar farms need land, ground mount systems, large distribution boards and HV substations at great expense, none of which are needed for systems on pre existing roof structures. Then a solar farm needs to distribute from a point source through a HV GRID, then an LV GRID to the occupancy. That is millions of kilometres of billion dollar distribution infrastructure. Another cost not required if on your roof. This guy is pitching for vested interests who want to sell you electricity through a meter. Put 10KW on your roof with a multimode inverter and a lithium batt or two, vacuum tube HWS and switch off from the grid. Payback is under 10 years, life of system is 15 years. Do the math.

  14. Nolan says:

    The best promise for the adaptation of solar is through product replacement. Roofing, siding and window materials that encompass solar energy generation technology will make implementation more possible because installation and maintenance costs are drastically reduced.

  15. gwensf says:

    I would like to purchase my own panels and install them myself. Any recommendations on the best place to purchase (in the US).

  16. jp says:

    When they can run an iron foundry and steel mill at night I'll be impressed. For now I'll stick to my garden lights.

  17. I go to hot counties. They use coal Solar it too expensive. In UK it is too intermittent ( I have them on my roof). If annual global energy demand increase was to be met by solar, that would mean a solar farm the size of Italy every year!

  18. Totally disagree with the point around 4:10 where he says electricity bills will be ridiculous when you own and EV. Utter rubbish.
    I do 15000 miles a year which even if that was 4000kWh of electricity at peak time rates would only be £600 per year.
    Currently diesel costs me about £2500 per year.
    Mostly I would charge at off peak rates so would be looking at around £300-£400 per year.
    How is that ridiculous?

  19. What happens when God takes away 1/3 of the sun's light?

  20. Jake Jones says:

    I have a solar powered robot dog chillin on my bed right now.

  21. Why solar energy is future? ALL ENERGY IS SOLAR… there is no wind without sun, there is no rainfall without sun, there is no coal without sun, there is no oil without sun… so how exactly is solar energy "the future"? Maybe you meant to say solar panels are the future? – Because they are not..

  22. Not seeing the 50 cent per watt more like a 1.50. Maybe if you build the panels yourself. That doesn't include the inverters, wiring, mounting and labor unless you intend on diy. NASA has had a broad-spectrum panels for years and still nothing new has hit the market but the main thing that needs to be done is the government needs to give legitament incentive and make it federal law. Right now you have to play a game state per state on what they'll actually reimburse you. If government did the same thing as Germany and made it worthwhile, investment would encourage mass production bringing price down and spur innovation. I can't help but think the graphene is going to be part harnessing a broader spectrum of light. While i'm not against fuel cells, they have yet to prove their worth, I have not seen any statistics demonstrating their efficiency above and beyond a reciprocating engine or that of a turbine engine. There's a reason that 90% or more of all power in the world comes from Steam because it expands by 8x, a distinct advantage over a fuel cell. Developing broad spectrum solar is absolutely worthwhile and I still see potential and solar thermal although nothing new has popped up for a long time. It could be theat Machining Stirling engines just isn't worth it. A lot of investment has gone into Power Towers, liquid salt batteries but broad-spectrum solar's definitely worth putting time and effort into.

  23. Damn this academic calling the lull in solar panel adoption due to lack of "research" funding. Self-serving SOB. These academics are not addressing the costs of two-power systems, large solar infrastructure costs to build w/expensive transmission lines at taxpayer's expense, or the fact that solar only works less than 50% of the time, Sun doesn't shine at night. There is so much evangelistic level nonsense in this video. The solar efficiency isn't there yet for viable ROI and the storage costs are very expensive when Sun not shining.

  24. xkguy says:

    Careful folks…Nevada screwed the solar industry. Refused to allow private persons to sell back power to the grid. Solar may be ready but politicians are fickle!

  25. peter lang says:

    graphene solar paint or sandia's solar glitter. make solar from paint!

  26. Ichinin says:

    Presentation 101: When someone asks you something, repeat – the -question!

  27. 11m2 in Norway gives 1.1kwh konstant in Norway. Kina type. 100m2 an you got 1.2kwh konstant for feed to a heatpump/overunety mascin.. But the price is way hige one this solcells in smal scale systems. NB. Comperd to wind solar cells dont produse unloaded. So they are easy to controll. Grid tide is a must for reel solar systems if you dont have 20kwh ore more batteri..

  28. Now why would I resort to the F word? I don't think I resort to that when one of my students also fails to get the fundamentals and falls back on simple anecdotal "well I know this guy who………."
    That's not an argument or debate and that won't solve problems and get us past fossil fuels.

    Solar and wind cheaper than fossil fuels? How about a reality check.
    I challenge you to find a single factory manufacturing solar panels or wind turbines that is a breeder factory ie a factory %100 powered by its own products How about %75?
    %25?. Their cost accountants must be secretly employed by the fossil fuel industry.

    Wait until figures are available on Musk's factory in Nevada. If he hits even %10 of his total internal energy needs being met with renewable energy he will be lucky. Of course his entire operation would quickly shut down without cheap crude oil for his external demands just as most energy intensive operations would. It's the lifeblood of our current reality and will be for many many years to come.

    There's not a single element or commodity in either a solar panel or a wind turbine that would exist without crude oil.

    And use solar and wind to synthesize from other raw materials?
    Look up the principles of EROEI or Energy Return on Energy Invested
    As someone who was a member of the original Home Power Magazine crew and had my own energy magazine and lived off grid decades before it was 'cool' I can find as many folks as I need who live on solar and wind at some percentage.
    But their lifestyles and energy choices only exist for one reason.
    Crude oil is still relatively abundant and therefore dirt cheap as compared to any other energy source that would have to exist without crude oil backing it up.
    Therefore once again your 'cost of solar and wind' remark is 'garbage in equals garbage out'
    It's apples and oranges.

    BTW I have close to 1 meg of brand new solar panels and a warehouse full of balance of system I am having a hard time almost giving away to individuals without magic paper trails and tax shelters. The real market for solar is tiny at best. Crony capitalist/government tax schemes cooking the books? Sure. Ever wonder why every town does not have dozens of competing vendors for your cheap solar and wind? It's all in the numbers my friend.
    Pleasant dreams

  29. Solar power is THE future for many reasons.

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    Learn how to bring any battery back to life again

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    Wind Turbine Power

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    Learn how to bring any battery back to life again


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