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Why Everyone Was Watching Tabby’s Star Last Weekend

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Tabby’s star is at it again. Could it be aliens this time!? Also, astronomers have discovered a planet with the density of styrofoam!

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48 Comments on "Why Everyone Was Watching Tabby’s Star Last Weekend"

  1. vulcanviper says:

    It's probably just dancing with a black hole and being consumed in the process hence the dimming.

  2. Old Mate says:

    Styroform Planet?

    Element Zero confirmed?

    Mass Effect?

    God I hope so!

  3. Kyle D says:

    Dyson sphere!!!!!!!!

  4. Sounds like a great big ball of hot air. Personally I'm not impressed by the shouting arm waving technique that seems to be taking over YouTube. It maybe all you can do in the absence of interesting visual content. (animations, artists impressions etc.

  5. klosterdev says:

    How does a gas giant have an atmosphere?

  6. Am I right in saying that the issue with Tabby's Star happened a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away

  7. This guy sounds like a WWE wrestler

  8. RUSEV MACHKA says:

    KANE… IS THAT YOU???????????

  9. I hate science reporters like this guy. Stop the friggin joking and be serious about this stuff. I'd rather Brian Cox be the one to relay the info.

  10. I believe we will discover a planet that has feet.

  11. F. Teixeira says:

    they should have called it tubby star and say its so fat it blocks its own light…or maybe it was aliens

  12. Cantrix1 says:

    These things are both fascinating, the question I have when hearing some of this stuff is how in the universe did anyone accurately measure some of these things, or know for certain tabby's star is irregular. I've love to see a series of videos showing some of the science behind the science. I can't imagine how one goes about accurately measuring the density of a star…makes my brain hurt!

  13. Troy Mejares says:

    dont ever fool us. bcos we all know that the U.S space command has indulge an investigations to supress this aliens activities on the tabby star. and it bothers those whom knows better what kind of mystery they bring they are like building a big energy plant of a big nuclear engine using this sun power those aliens ship.

  14. Troy Mejares says:

    they trying to fill the tank of there mothership of that dimmer thing you see is a spaceship of an intergalactic aliens probably the globalsecurity is on it. the U.S space command is already studying those foreign ships on our universe.

  15. We are seeing Constantinople stuff at the time we are seeing it, like this happened during late Rome and Constantinople

  16. Moritz T. says:

    maybe its a black hole orbiting it. Thats the only thing that makes scence because the dimming is getting darker so the blackhole is growing…

  17. I'm guessing it's aliens harvesting energy from the star. 😮

  18. Konner Brown says:


  19. Statzer x says:

    Is it possible that tabby's star is in a binary system with a black hole that sometimes orbits in front of the star from our point of view? The dimming could then be explained by the black hole "devouring" the star wich would cause it to become dimmer. I mean we don't know that much about black holes, isn't it possible that this is the first time we've directly observed a black hole?

  20. Tom C. says:

    I'd be inclined to think that this was aliens.

    If this was the first strange thing we'd seen.

    If so many others hadn't been debunked.

    If any of the non-debunked strangeness could be proven to be aliens.

  21. davmus12 says:

    left over debris? dimming 20%? what a jerk

  22. not saying it was aliens but….. cofvefe

  23. Tarek Chamas says:

    if it was planet eating .. then this would be happening wayyyyyyyyyy more often

    sorry still think its something really weird

  24. Why would it 'probably not' be aliens?
    Anyway, regardless of what they find we'll find out soon enough.

  25. Robby Albert says:

    they all ready ruled out comets….

  26. nagualdesign says:

    Bouncy bouncy bouncy, flappy hands, on-screen text, digital zoom, bouncy bouncy, flappy hands, text on screen… Yawn.

  27. shawn brown says:

    ummm. they're called M-class planets.

  28. Sombra says:

    I don't know, I think the styrofoam planet would have been better as the title, more exciting….

  29. SRRN Insect says:

    What if Tabby's Star has rings around it and a lot of the dust is blocking it.

  30. Thomas Emard says:

    SciShow, I have a question:

    -How do scientists KNOW such things about exo-planets? For example, you talk about a "planet that rains glass". But we've never sent a probe there, presumably. So how are humans determining beyond reasonable doubt that these planets exist, and function as claimed?

    I've been curious about this question for a while, but this video especially reminded me of it. Cheers, keep up the great work, and I look forward to your reply.

  31. Its a black hole sucking off mass and distorting luminescence.

  32. what i wanna know is how they gather information such as this? density, chemical makeup, temperature, atmosphere etc. i thought this was only achievable through actually coming into contact. Hell even distance blows my mind!

  33. Spacer says:

    "Last week it happened again …" one of the best sentences in science!

  34. Its a slow spinning pulsar

  35. Tiit Georg says:

    what if there is a black hole eating the sun?

  36. SPENDING money on watching a Star, 1300 light years away because it DIMS. Woopie, it's one start out of Trillions. Spend the money on feeding homeless

  37. 855k subs and 7k likes and patreon is needed?
    Nom nom nom…

  38. AnteConfig says:

    damn that sucks. If I were to build a megastructure around the sun I would build around the entire sun. No sense in using only a portion of that energy when there's room for so much more.

  39. you're wrong, it's 40% not 20. and normally we see only about 4% dips with other planets

  40. otrondal says:

    I did not observe it this time. I observed it last summer and stop before they blasted my telescopes.

  41. Just get over the fact there's something happening that we are in the dugout for. I wouldn't want to piss those guys off haha

  42. Myles Bishop says:

    Why don't we just go there and see what's going on

  43. Now witness the firepower of this fully armed and operational fluctuation

  44. Dat Boi says:

    Whenever Tabby's star dims:
    Damn it Jim, hand me that new lightbulb already!

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