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Why Don’t We Just Put Solar Panels In Space?

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If we can capture energy from the sun, why don’t we just put solar panels in space? Watch More: Check out Trace’s channel!


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26 Comments on "Why Don’t We Just Put Solar Panels In Space?"

  1. Life Noggin says:

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  2. Answer: Because we can.

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  4. Just put a copper wire on the sun, you would get 500000000000kW per nanosecond. And then it would break, now you have power to last NaN years.

  5. TylerE says:

    They don't put solar panels in space because the government can't charge us to pay for the sun. Everything they do they try to make money. They rather do it old school then to try to help the Earth. Just being honest 🤗

  6. Zac Claus says:

    Lasers would be better than microwaves. http://Www.lasermotive.con

  7. kinn grimm says:

    massive amounts of microwaves in the atmophere … what could possibly go wrong ^^

  8. Brenda scott says:

    How did you know I was watching on an IPad?

  9. Isn't There A Problem About Dust?
    Add All Of Those Unneeded Radiation Blocking Atoms?
    And How About The Rockets And The Materials?

  10. dragonoid510 says:

    Gundam 00 pulled this off

  11. LOL they put the panels on thr wrong way round

  12. Solar panels in space is better in frequency to power the world

  13. At 1:31 you made earth flat 😑

  14. what if we put a big ass mirror in space ?

  15. Brianna Cole says:

    Silicon (se le kon)
    Not silicone (sil ee cone)
    One is am element the other a polymer.

  16. Alex Hrbal says:

    But what if it falls down on our Earth and kills us all

  17. max kris says:

    silicon, not silicone.

  18. yes it will give us more power for all of us

  19. Jake Shire says:

    How are you going to get the power from the solar panels in orbit to me? Do i need 200 mile long cable hanging from space into my house? Because the example you gave with the solar cell is using a wire…

  20. We will get 4x the electricity we usually get, like we can active the microwave for 24 hours and nothing will happen.

  21. VoltresGX says:

    Who almost misread the title as Solar Penis

  22. Cheat Joker says:

    Gundam 00 anyone? (Ah well I know there a lot of people here don't watch gundam but still :/)

  23. XGuiltySinX says:

    so the electrons from the silicon atoms are the electricity. wouldn't that mean that one day a solar panel would run out of juice? like after all the silicon atoms in the cell are ionized?

  24. It's almost like solar and any other form of "green" energy is shit and not worth it at all

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