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Wholesale Solar Panels and How to Get Them

If you can find wholesale {solar lights} panels on the internet it is also important to verify what is involved in receiving your panels. Many times these are delivered by over the road drivers who might very well expect you to unload the truck by yourself upon delivery.

Additionally you want to find out if the panels are out of production, closeouts or simply not the most recent model. Many times you will want to buy replacement panels and this can affect availability. It is also important to verify that appropriate mounting hardware or kits will be readily available.

The average price for buying {solar lights} panels wholesale ranges from less than $2 a watt for large-scale customers to under $2.50 a watt for smaller buyers. A year ago, prices ranged from $3.50 to as much as $5 a watt. A typical residential system produces 4 to 5 kilowatts, or 4,000 to 5,000 watts.

The public has many opportunities to find wholesale or close to wholesale prices for all their {solar lights} needs. There are many online resources depending on if you are looking for just the panels or an entire system. Make sure that you check out our other articles on {solar lights} panels and all {solar lights} products.

Also to be considered as an option for wholesale pricing on {solar lights} are the new websites like groupon.com where companies will post offers of their group discounts. And with the way the economy is, we can all use a discount right about now coupled with some more savings on our electric bill.

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