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Which Direction Should Your Solar Panels Face?

Read more HERE: http://www.solarquotes.com.au/blog/tag/direction/ http://www.solarquotes.com.au/orientation.html …


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6 Comments on "Which Direction Should Your Solar Panels Face?"

  1. Kenz300 x says:

    Batteries, batteries, batteries.
    Batteries are a game changer and store energy for use in the evening.

  2. you can do it yourself ,just go to inplix page and learn how to make it.

  3. im sure you'll build it yourself. I made it 2 weeks ago thanks to inplix website.

  4. When i was building my house I wanted it designed with solar panels in mind. I now have 39 installed with room for about 25 more. All panels are facing South but i'm in Greece and here south is where we get the most sunshine. Living on a hill helps a lot, too (no shades from neighboring houses or trees and I can still keep my tall cypress and fig trees).

  5. Maddy Saggus says:

    Thats great info thanks but does it matter if you mount your panel long ways, left to right, or do they have to be long ways up and down ? I see 99% of installs are done long ways up and down, does that matter ? Thanks Maddy

  6. What about half of the panels on the west and half on the east?

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