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What’s worse? Mismatched solar panels with different amps in series or parallel?

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https://www.altestore.com/store/solar-panels-c541/ If you have different wattage solar panels, the same voltage but different amps, which is the better way to wire …


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24 Comments on "What’s worse? Mismatched solar panels with different amps in series or parallel?"

  1. MJ Remy says:

    Superbly useful post, many thanks! Very well explained, incl diagram at end. I was wondering what parallel and series meant, now I know. Very much appreciated. Subscribed!

    FYI… The key to less wind noise, is to get a sock for your microphone. Assuming you have an overhead microphone, you slip this wind sock over it. Looks like a fuzzy sock. Cuts back on external noise a lot. The film pros use it.

  2. stevesrt8 says:

    What if you switched the series order? 100 watt positive going to 200 watt negative

  3. Ultrasonic2 says:

    Thanks this is a great example that you should have a MPPT controller per panel for maximum power out put.

  4. John Lucero says:

    yes but now your doubling the input voltage i calculate 364.8 total watts in series, in parallel you only get 255.6 total watts. your mppt controller should still see this.

  5. son nguyen says:

    My battery bank is 1000ah

  6. son nguyen says:

    I got a outback charge controller I wants series all my panel to 108 v with 1000watt to charges my 12v battery banks

  7. son nguyen says:

    I got 6 panel 12v 160watt each and 8 panel 12v 100watt each .. Can I parallel 6panel 160wattand series with 8 panel 100watt

  8. son nguyen says:

    Can I do series 160watt with 100watt there are in 12v

  9. Atif Mabood says:

    Can you please do video on connecting Mono and Poly together with different voltage and amp?

  10. Parallel becomes especially important in situations where you have shading running across different panels. If you had a 1000 watt array of 10x 100 watt panels, and one panel was shaded, you would literally destroy 900 watts of the power. In parallel, this wouldn't happen. Nice video. :)

  11. That was predictable, same voltage different amperage, parallel will add the amps (voltage is matched).
    If you had similar amps, different voltage, wire in series, voltage adds.
    Wiring in series with different amperage will limit the output of the most powerful one.

  12. have you done a video of whether it's worth the expense of an mppt vs pwm charge controller?

  13. Nadeem Ahmed says:

    nicely explained. Thankyou

  14. sctpc says:

    I have my bird shed with two miss match panels so I ran 2 PWM controllers independent to my batteries. wouldn't that be better or if you had the money two independent MPPT to get full usage from your panels?
    I would like to know your recommendation on the best Mppt for 300v dc solar Id like to replace my grid tie.

  15. waqar ayaz says:

    i like to wire solar panels in parallel to get more amps but i have the panels with different ratings so i should put a blocking diode in parallel connection or not to minimize any damage to my solar panels.

  16. xanataph says:

    Of course…hooking up two solar panels of different wattages in parallel is totally fine so long as they are the same voltage. It in effect simply makes a bigger panel that is the sum of the two wattages.

    It's no good in series though as then the current will be limited to the current of the smallest panel. What was happening in your demo was that the MPPT controller was using the 3.xx amps from the 100 watt panel and only about the same from the 200 watt panel. As the same current must flow through all components in a series circuit.

    You wouldn't have been able to do this at all with a PWM controller because it would have been instantly over loaded with voltage.

    However what you could do with many MPPT controllers is hook up two panels that have different voltages and wattages as long as they deliver the same current (Imp).

  17. M Miller says:

    Interesting… but when running parallel if the wire run from the panels to the controller is, say, a very short 20 feet, what gauge wire would you need to keep losses at less that 2%? And in series what wire gauge would be needed?

  18. Maxid1 says:

    Would this work the same way with an existing 90W panel adding two 200w or 250w panels in parallel with the 90w?

  19. Dylan T says:

    this is the same as if you were to have 2 panels of the same wattage but you shaded one.

  20. so of course if using a pwm you could hookup in parallel different watts, if they were matching the battery voltage?

  21. Chris DIYer says:

    EXCELLENT explanation. If I could run all my solar panels in parallel…I would. However, the cost in cabling would be enormous…esp with 120+ foot of runs to the three Classics. Efficiency would take a nose dive too. High series voltages are sometimes good, sometimes bad. For long runs = great. Shading…not so good. Question: how about making power with mismatched panels that have different voltages? Say a 12v nominal and a 24v nominal together? Seen a lot of guys/gals doing that…not sure if paralleling them together or not will kill the amperage. Thanks…great video!

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