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What can you run on 100 watts of solar power!!!! (BEST EXPLANATION EVER)

The best and easiest explanation of {solar lights} your going to find any were. Complete break down of how to size your system and actual power requirements …


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20 Comments on "What can you run on 100 watts of solar power!!!! (BEST EXPLANATION EVER)"

  1. WITWATT says:

    Great practical explanation and process for sizing. The exact math is not so important as are the concepts and formulas ( note to self: double-check in real life). Well done, and thank you!

  2. I appreciate your teaching. It really helped me! Thanks!

  3. Joevip76 says:

    Great Video Dude, I don't care what these Cats say. lol

  4. Let the nay Sayers be nay. I got a lot out of this quickly. For a beginner this video is good.

    I have two Trojan 6 volt bat 210 amps each. I need to run 80 watt chest freezer 24/7 in the north east. I'm thinking 2 or 3 100 watt panels maybe good?

  5. Loved it. Brilliant. Being a novice at solar panel and the math, I enjoyed this very much. Those who have a go well, no one is perfect and we have to start somewhere. Well done mate, at least I understand more now. Thank you.

  6. Thankyou great video.subscribe

  7. Jack Brown says:

    Very good . I am trying to set up a cabin . This will help thanks

  8. the best way is to put theory into practice, in other words show us. I think the best way to show is by using the solar panel for the whole year with video documents and draw conclusions at end of year use.

  9. Sis crook says:

    The explanation was easy to understand. thanks

  10. Eric Shreves says:

    I think you need to get yourself a solar calculator before your next video.

  11. Jack Mason says:

    Thank You. No Solar yet but looking. Jack

  12. Jack Mason says:

    Good Morning . Question say you have a RV and when you are not using it and the battery's are charged Fully and you are in the sun will it damage anything? Will it over charge? What if you have a small fan in the trailer using only a little power every day is that OK. Jack MASONRVING@HOTMAIL.COM

  13. Kathy Hodges says:

    i was planning on using one of these to light a 14 by 20 building and a computer. now I think I will just run the electric from my house. Why do WE NEED ALL THE BATTERIES. CANT THEY MAKE A PANEL THAT STORESTHE ENERGY AND you can just wire lights and outlets directly from the panel?

  14. Kevin Ooten says:

    Did I catch the mistakes? Yes some of them. Try to make an informative video without making mistakes! Great information. Much appreciated!

  15. He did a great job explaining. I have electronics background , work with fiber optics etc. He broke it down close enough for the common joe would understand. Mathematics, close. He used what they call ohms law. E = volts I = current R = resistance. Power calculations P = watts I = current E = voltage. This is basic to anyone with electronics background, however, the common joe wont understand. ( unless shown on paper ). So, sit back listen to his video again and when mama says you have too much plugged into an outlet – you can say no, that I listened on youtube a video of a person that took HIS time to HELP people understand the basics. Good job.

  16. Bill McGraw says:

    How do you measure a small solar panel's watts with a VOM?

  17. Patrick Lowe says:

    Might say " per hour" not "a" hour.. just as confusing as ever. Your made some sense. Thanks

  18. pds tech says:

    -1 I hate when ppl waste the1st minute of a vid saying basically nothing.
    oh and adding 's for plural nouns – It's it is. John's car
    this guy is a yahoo.

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