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Westinghouse LED solar lights dissected and modified.

I go over how to get the most out of these all time great deal of a light. I like the way they look too.


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4 Comments on "Westinghouse LED solar lights dissected and modified."

  1. not2fast4u2c says:

    All Electrnics website sells those I have seen the led strips also It would be nice to have lights at night that are cheap to run even could put an led in my outside light

  2. imickey503 says:

    I have got a bunch of solar lights that the circuit died in. I can use the solar cells from these to wire them up in series to get a higher charge voltage. they put out about 2.5v at max sunlight. With a load, they put out less then 1V to a .5 volt AA cell.

  3. imickey503 says:

    I got to tell you, If you want to do that, Check out that high voltage circuit that runs CFL bulbs from 1.5 volts. You can use a bunch of them and they make great light and work well of a solar power solution. If you want to use LED's, The ones from the solar lights work great at 3 volts as long as you limit the current. You should be fine if you have a long strip of them. Cost wise, you are better getting a strip of LED's from ebay and running them of 12Vs for a shop application.

  4. not2fast4u2c says:

    I have planned on hacking them and putting a bunch in my workshed put the solar part on the window At night I will have lights in the shop when my power is turned off

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