WEANAS 9V 2.5W Solar Powered Water Pump Built-in Storage Battery Backup Brushless Submersible Pump Motor Solar Energy Garden Fountain Pond Plants Pool

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* This pump has the lowest rate of the power of {solar lights} battery to pump power, it is not only easy to operate the brushless motor under little sunshine lie the brush motor, but also it has much long life time than other brush motor {solar lights} fountain.
* Comes with storage battery, battery powered when no sun during cloudy and raining days.

* Storage Battery Power: 7.2V/800mAh
* {solar lights} Power consumption:2.5W/9V
* Brushless Pump Power Consumption:4.5-10V 0.8W
* {solar lights} Size: 7.7″x6.7″x0.2″
* Pump Size: 1.6″x1.4″x1.3″
* Max flow quantity of Pump:175L/h
* Max water height:30-45cm (Depends on sunshine)
* Life time:over 10000hrs
* Delay: Less than 5s
* Cable length: 10’6″cord +10′ extension cord

1. Put the pump totally in the water with nozzle over the water,be sure the pump is fixed firmly on the bottom of the fountain to avoid vibration.
2. Plug the jack of pump in the jack of {solar lights} output.
3. Put the {solar lights} panel under enough sunlight and face directly to sun.

* Be sure to put enough water in the fountain, especially sunny days; always keep the pump under the water surface.
* Change water frequently to keep water cleaning to avoid any dirt to impede the pump.
* Be careful to protect the {solar lights} panel to avoid damage, keep surface cleaning constantly.
* It’ll take 8 hours to face full sunshine to be charged to 100% at the start of the battery.

Package Include:
1xSolar Panel with battery(DC adapter NOT included)
1xBrushless Pump
4xFountain Head
3xNozzle Adapter
1xGround Spike for {solar lights} Pannel
1xUser Manual

COMPLETE {solar lights} PANEL WATER PUMP KIT – This product contains 1 {solar lights} panel, 1 water pump, and 10 feet extention cord, 3 adapters and 4 heads units with different water flow shapes to fit perfectly in your fountain.
LONG CORDS – We specially add a extension cord about 10 feet. So the overall cord is over 20 feet, which allows you to place the {solar lights} panel further away.
BACKUP BATTERY – Come with Built-in backup batteries. It can even work for up to 4 hours with the stored power during the day.
WIDE APPLICATION – The submersible pump features compact, multifunctional, and detachable, perfect for Bird bath, fish tank, small pond, garden decoration, water circulation for oxygen.
BUY WITH CONFIDENCE – We stand behind our products and provide a 30-day money-back guarantee for any reason and 12-month warranty for quality-related issues.

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