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Watt Meter For Solar & Wind Power Applications

Watt Meter measures current, voltage, peak current (Amps), peak power (Watts), minimum voltage (Volts), power (Watts), energy (Watt-hours), charge (Amp-hours) and temperature, peak temperature values for you, in real-time, for the circuit in which you connect it.

Now you can stop wondering what’s going on with your electronic devices and get answers that allow you to apply science to your {solar lights} wind, hydro power applications. The precise measurements you collect will help you fine tune your system to get all the performance that you paid for.


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2 Comments on "Watt Meter For Solar & Wind Power Applications"

  1. anodizedblue says:

    Visited the site and I do not see that small watt meter.

  2. freedbylove says:

    you took too long to explain and the audio is horrible. you should redo this video. damn i just want to see how to connect it

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