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Watering With Solar Power and Hand Dug Well

– The pump company I like
– The {solar lights} and charger, but you can find any simple solar charger and controller online that fits your needs.
This is way less a DIY video than it is a ‘hey, you can figure this out too’ video so take it for what it is. Hopefully you get some ideas from it that you can evolve for your needs. The basics are pretty much that, basic, and I don’t have great skills to share, just some ideas that are working for me…
Hope it sparks some concepts for you to explore.

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Happy growing!


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19 Comments on "Watering With Solar Power and Hand Dug Well"

  1. I have a similar system that is connected to a manifold the feeds soaker hoses. The system is on a timer to allow the ground to stay damp……and the charge of the battery to stay peaked.

  2. thx for sharing the maker, been thinkin and lookin for a solar pump

  3. Question…do you have mosquito problems from all that water on your property? Do you do anything to control them? Love your channel!

  4. Love it! So is the fact that its a "spring" and you can use the basin as a reservoir to store the water the reason you wouldn't just use the pump and hose to the garden? Kind of fill the basin and let the spring recharge? We're doing something similar but we're using our well solely for the orchard/garden, I;m wondering if the basin is a good way to fill between well recharges and maybe even create rainbow trout basin?

  5. I wish we could run off captured water. I plan on getting rain cisterns (5000gal worth) but it's hard to justify the expense just yet. California Great Valley summers are too hot and dry. Although, one food forest in the city was designed to hold enough soil moisture to make due with twice watering, thirty gallons each tree. That's my best case.

  6. I would be incredibly worried about small kids stumbling into that water hole 😮. Of course, I have a couple of those to keep my worrying.

  7. Joe Friday says:

    Great video. Thanks

  8. illyounotme says:

    Rather than drilling a hole and twist tie, you can get a simple spring clamp that you can just clip over the hose onto the water trough. That way your not potentially ruining the trough for other applications later on down the road.

  9. I hope you are getting professionals to wire the electrics in your house… No DIY for you in that area my friend ;-P

  10. bigh650 says:

    now that is cool
    be well

  11. That is a great system. Our garden is close to the house so we can use a hose, but are thinking about starting some rain barrels. I have to find out what our state and town laws are first. it's hard to believe in some places it is illegal to catch rain in barrels weird.

  12. Mike Reinard says:

    Super Jenky is a phrase worthy of its own t-shirt.

  13. Jason Smith says:

    tie a rock or weight of some kind to end of hose .. save the tub of holes ! great video

  14. Dude, that is so cool.

  15. MrKFahn says:

    Depending on the power of your pump, would it be possible to elevate the tank (like a water tower), allowing you to then use a hose with gravity pressure to water plants?

  16. "Super-janky!" That was cool, love a lo-fi fix.

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