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Voltz Pack: [Tutorial] Solar Generators

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In this Voltz Pack tutorial I show you how to make and how to set up a {solar lights} Generator.
{solar lights} Generators are a great source of power. They are not exactly cheap, but if you use them to make Advanced {solar lights} Generators it’s a fair price to pay.

All recipes are correct at time of upload.

Find out how to make Advanced {solar lights} Generators here:

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5 Comments on "Voltz Pack: [Tutorial] Solar Generators"

  1. Ty for this, Helps out a lot you know ;D Keep going.

  2. if i coat my copper wires in water will they stay you know not killing millions in a fire

  3. Likacd23 says:

    I had some of these… but they turned invisible and now when i try to delete them voltz crashes…
    I think I'm just going to build something to cover them up, I keep running into them.

  4. Jason says:

    make a tutorial about rejectors

  5. SK1PTER says:

    *random comment*

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