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VAN LIFE | How To Neuter A Troll!

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Having a TROLL problem? This is how you “fix” it!

My Amazon link:
(It does not add anything to the cost of what you buy, but it does kick a little referral commission my way. Thank you.)

These are some of the products used in my van build:
Propane Refill Adapter-
Mr. Heater Buddy –
Propane 12 Ft. Hose –
Propane Filter –
Firman Generator –
Bestek Inverter –
Refrigerator/Freezer –
Haier Air Conditioner –
GE Air Conditioner –
Hand Washing Sink –
Digital Power Meter/Battery Monitor –
Renogy Solar Kit –
Battery Charger –
LED Lights –
Batteries –
Maxxair Fan –
Maxxair Vent Cover –
Security/Backup Camera –
Accordion Boot Seal –
Action Camera –
Eva-Dry Dehumidifiers –


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48 Comments on "VAN LIFE | How To Neuter A Troll!"

  1. Debrajoy says:

    I did not know how to do this! If you have a lot of comments, does it take a long time to approve them? I have just been clicking on their icon and then block them???

  2. GRAMMIE DEBI says:

    I've seen other youtubers agonizing over Troll's comments, close their Patreon accounts, and even contemplate quitting YouTube! I just don't understand why if it's this easy to stop them.??? You're doing great. I enjoy your channel. πŸ˜ƒβœ‹πŸ’ŸπŸ‘πŸ“±

  3. GRAMMIE DEBI says:

    I understand you having to approve comments before others can see them but why can't I see anyone else's comments? It says there are 39 comments but I don't see any.

  4. Good video :). It says all anyone needs to know about 'Jackass'. It wants a platform, but is scared of having emails? That's because it doesn't have an audience on email, poor baby πŸ™‚ You are right to delete them before they appear in your comment section, because once they appear, they share with their 'friends' and the nastiness snowballs. I pity them, it's a waste of a life.
    Keep up the good work πŸ™‚

  5. Great tips, ty for sharing.

  6. Halli Adams says:

    I LOVE the graphics, LOVE the sound effects, LOVE the message! You are in control! LOVE IT!!!!!

  7. Daryl Phipps says:

    Good for you sir.

  8. I like the squealing sound that you put on every time you delete.πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†

  9. Hula Shack says:

    Glad you are doing this. Can you just block him? I notice the trolls have multiple accounts under different names so it makes it look like a channel has tons of people who hate them and really it is only a handful of maggots with nothing better to do. They are really pathetic. Congrats on taking shutting this Troll down!!!

  10. I love the sound effects πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–

  11. Love seeing the pets! – they r very cute – it looks like ur cat is wearing little white socks.

  12. Susan Marie says:

    Good Share. Should of blasted his Name. Bye Bye Troll πŸ˜‰

  13. kelly smith says:

    Sad that some people have to be so mean. They must be very unhappy people. : ( Glad you can control the comments!

  14. krynnkeep says:

    Have to say the audio of the crying dog really caught the attention of my dog and cat..they're sitting on either side of me and couldn't miss poor pup looked so concerned!!

  15. Oh yeah I love it….I call them… Keyboard Commando Cowards…

  16. Good for You, Positive People only want to be around Positive People, Keep up the good Work…

  17. Hilarious video, thanks for the laugh.

  18. lol good one . i hate trolls. they are such miserable people they try to make everyone else unhappy just like they are.

  19. warren smith says:

    I have 2 small dogs and a cat they want all your attention only when your trying to do things lol love your channel like this video your animals wanting attention and whining driving my dogs nuts, good job on the vids

  20. Good for you. We don't want to see negative comments so tyvm for getting this troll. β™‘

  21. RamVan Bobby says:

    I like that Dogg magnum

  22. Journeyman says:

    I just had hernia surgery 3 days ago when you neutered that troll my dog looked at me, then left the RV and I'm in pain from laughing. But it was great!

  23. dindog22 says:

    Why don't more people do this?

  24. HI Jay. Thanks for not blocking my comments. Look forward to more of your Videos soon

  25. Ha Ha Ha! Congrats! That means you are becoming successful! Look at all the trolls Eric Jacobs has. They have helped propel him to success! ???? Are you coming up to the meetup in WA in August?

  26. Angela Nash says:

    You have a great channel I suppose trolls do not like that. I have watched a few videos so far, I will be watching more! I see Debrajoy in comments, I love her! But anyway I'm looking to get a van and give travel nursing a go, I am a disabled veteran so life can be tuff when unable to do full time work. The travel really appeals to me in not only nursing but getting active and becoming more healthy all around. Got me a Go fund me started, so we shall see! But thank you for what you share!!

  27. A Ross says:

    Good job! Like your straight forward attitude and education. Keep up the good work (I subscribed). Also love the kids (animals). Thanks for the video. Ross

  28. I also block them on YT & Google Plus!

  29. JIM BRIDGES says:

    Can you just BLOCK them for the future so as to not have to 'review' their comments after initial contact?

  30. Tina Torres says:

    Another you-tuber says blocking a troll prevents him from seeing the trolls comments but they are still seen by the public. I wonder if using your approval technique combined with the blocking function will make the troll completely disappear from the public and your eyes too? That would be like killing the neutered troll. Lol!

  31. My cats always walk on my keyboard . And as for haters some people are just not happy unless there making trouble.

  32. LMAO!!! Had to share this on my FB account. So tired of these trolls upsetting subs and the channel people. You go!!! : ) Loved the sound effects. Thanks for sharing.

  33. Hi~~NOMAD&PEEPS!~~WOW! That was a vid1/2! I loved watching Magnum while you went to the store! That was fascinating! Have you ever thought of a cam for monitoring your pets? Co-worker has one and she can live cam her babies while she's at work…via her cell. I'm glad you utilize the approve option and also more importantly encourage an appropriate dialogue from your viewers. I'm not a you tube maniac but I did see a channel where the comments were more curse words than anything else….I didn't even know that stuff like that was allowed on you tube…it can be a bit much when it's not typically used in ones personal lifestyle…I'm IMPRESSED WITH YOU THAT IT MATTERS ENOUGH TO KEEP IT CLEAN & RESPECTABLE!!! Stay well!:) ✨✨✨✨✨THAT AGAIN IS THE GENTLEMAN IN YOU! My hat's off! πŸ™‚ Way to go!!!! It's important to manage your channel moving forward to establish some mutual respect~~~~Thank you.

  34. Lynette Ring says:

    good for you! I enjoy your new channel. Learned of you from Debrajoy. So glad that you are taking control of this kind of behavior from the start and thanks for sharing the info. They should not have the ability to spread their vitriol around.

  35. Colleen f says:

    Stanley assumes you're talking to him. After all there's no one else there. He's an accommodating soul. 😊

  36. Colleen f says:

    I admire what you're doing. Some day you'll have too many comments to proofread them all. And you don't want to appear to have no comments. Just block the trolls and don't let them steal your time. πŸ˜ƒ

  37. Dsuz K says:

    Good for you. Here's one for personal power!

  38. All Good says:

    Awwwwwesome job!!!! Learnt something new. Love it . ❀❀❀

  39. bookmouse770 says:

    So many channels let Trolls go on and on and it hurts others….they say terrible things…I'm glad you are editing them out….Bravo.

  40. KuraQueen says:

    Wow, that was so simple. For anyone contemplating starting their own channel but wary of trolls, you have just provided the tool to winnow out the nasty stuff.

  41. Tumble Weed says:

    There are trolls everywhere…. you have to pity the pitiful brainless losers.

  42. Tumble Weed says:

    That hurting dog sound woke up my two boys!

  43. Hahaha… good for you. Too many crazy people out there.Β  I will sometimes make them pay the toll for their transgressions, however they usually take care of themselves, or Karma does…Β Β Β  I had responded to a local news article on Facebook, just run of the mill stuff, and for some reason this one guy took offense to my existence, kept making comments about me, etc…Β  I called him out on not being truthful on how he was representing himself, etc.Β Β  He had said he was an engineer and top paid surveyor in the area, that he owned the largest club security firm in the area, stuff like that…Β  He wanted to meet up and fight (really, I am not making this up!) so I pointed out that I would meet him in the parking lot of the surveyor company he worked for, that he was not really one of their engineers, and I would be more than happy to ask for him in person, of course that got him really worked up.Β Β So three or four months later I run across his name in the local news, as he was arrested for being in possession of child pornography, something like 41 counts. the FBI had run a sweep in the area and picked up a couple dozen scumbags… he is still in jail!Β  Plus it was very interesting to watch his Facebook page blow up with all kinds of nasty comments from people, including former coworkers of his…Β Β Β  so sometimes it is the best to just take the high road and eliminate the trolls before trouble appears, too many wack-a-doos out there!

  44. I will need to learn how to do this once I start posting videos. Thanks.

  45. Job well done🐎🐱🍾

  46. J Lyons says:

    SWEET! Neuter those Trolls.

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