Utopia Home – 16 LED Wireless, Waterproof and Motion Sensor Outdoor Solar Lights For Patio, Deck, Yard, Garden, Driveway – Auto On/Off (4-Pack)

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Utopia Home {solar lights} Led Lights Pack Of 4 is the Perfect Match for your Garden, Yard, Garage, and Home
You can use this LED {solar lights} light for lighting up your porch, yards or garden at night time. The light itself is water-proof and heatproof meaning that you can just install and forget about it without any worries.
It is {solar lights} powered so you need to place it at an angle that is under direct sunlight so that it gets charged up during the day. During the day, the light will automatically turn off in order to save up on the power. And at night it will turn itself on only when it detects motion.
After sensing motion. it will turn bright for about 30 seconds after which it will turn off to save power, which increases battery life and LED performance. It is capable of providing up to 12 hours of full bright lighting once fully charged.

{solar lights}: 5.5V ~ 0.49W
● Power: 1WLED
● 16 LED
● Sensor mode: Motion sensor & Light sensor
● Sensor angle: 90°~120°
● Sensitivity distance: 3M
● IP Rating: IP65
● Working temperature: -5~60°C
● Housing material: ABSEasy to install. {solar lights} powered pack of 4 LED lights are easy to install with no wiring needed.
Automated switch and power sensor. Turns on automatically when the sensor detects motion nearby within a wide range of 3 meters and 120 degrees angle, stays on for 30 seconds after motion has finished nearby and then turns off automatically, saving power and increasing life span.
Powerful LED and {solar lights}. 16 LED’s on each light provide a very strong bright light at night having a discharging time of greater than 12 hours; while the {solar lights} charges the device all day having over charging/short-circuit protection.
Durability. Each lighting device is waterproof and heatproof meaning you don’t have to worry extremely rainy and sunny conditions.
Great lighting for your garden, yard, aisle, porch, driveway, patio, home entrance and pathways, illuminating throughout the night. Kindly note the first time you use, you will have to switch on the light and let it charge for all day.

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