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Using The Galaxy Note As A Computer (With Accessories) [ColdFustion]

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Bluetooth Controller:

Micro USB to HDMI MHL Adapter :

Micro USB to USB:

HDMI Cable:

Screen Protector:


N64 Tutorial:

Windowed browsing: Overskreen app

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44 Comments on "Using The Galaxy Note As A Computer (With Accessories) [ColdFustion]"

  1. lol212ist says:

    That is an ultra portable comp which has Okay processing power

  2. I like the video ! Wow. Great.

  3. Which launcher iss that?

  4. JD Transport says:

    Just a pity you have music in the background.

  5. J Mar says:

    Ok someone please tell me what kind of stand he is using bc i wsnt one 2… where do i find the keyboard??

  6. ravi says:


  7. so, I have been using my note 2 like a baby using a phone? only games and calls !

    you are amazing!

  8. Gary Palmer says:

    is it for the note2 also ?

  9. Can you use some of these gadgets on the note 2?or a quick review it would be greatly appreciated I love your vids as well stay up brother!

  10. justinwolfe9 says:

    Is the video meant to be all wonky or does my PC need a new graphics card?

  11. Sera Chea says:

    May i know what rom u use on thus note 2, please share the link! Thanks!

  12. DipsyMum29 says:

    I would recommend you get a 9300mah zerolemon battery as well for the note 2.
    Then it really would be a little portable pc 😀

  13. baz TITTZ says:

    song inn bacrund ? 🙂 ?

  14. Would this work on galaxy s4?

  15. So, would this kind of setup be ok for a Nokia Lumia also??? This is a kool video.

  16. Ha ha, you got the moving lines at the video's intro from Greyscale gorilla. Awesome!

  17. Yeah bro this website here is just giving out comletely free White Apple new iPad's for today only.

    You have to be fill out your address but it is all real, I claimed my one a few minutes ago. Better hurry up! UPAD3.COM

    Life is like a bully that gets laughs by seeing how much humiliation you’ll put up with.

  18. Razzo says:

    Love all the intro on your vids 😀 (Y)

  19. Kimberly MB says:

    Nice and informative videos. Love the art the music and the tech. Please keep it up.

  20. Look at all the things you can't do with iPhones. #teamandroid

  21. Broken Nose says:

    Is this the note1 or note2?

  22. is this compatible with Galaxy note 3

    Thanks a lot

  23. He, try to burn an DVD or BluRay 1080p x264 DTS and HD and in the format mkv movie, good luck.

  24. i dunno if this video would be much more impressive if i were tinkerbell

  25. St Nicholas says:

    Can u type out that memo for the office, at least 60 wpm…that'd be great ;)

  26. Trent Brew says:

    Why not wirelessly mirror the display with a monitor?

  27. This why i think android is superior to apple

  28. ltlocus says:

    its a note II

  29. King Coldfus Tion….Thank you guys

  30. sudoStef says:

    do you need to be rooted?

  31. Saad Thahim says:

    Can you link me to this multi window app?

  32. drsquash2003 says:

    How did you do the camera effects on this video? It was almost like stop animation, but the camera movements were still smooth. j Liked it thank you

  33. The Home screen wallpaper he is using is called " My Beach HD", There is a paid and free version on Google play store, the paid version has full interactive settings.

  34. Nice vid and I also have a note 2. Nice desktop

  35. Hey, yo! You're Sharp" ducks exchange # 11

  36. TheNeurall says:

    Why not £35 7" windows 10 tablet to use as real PC?

  37. He|, Stupendpus property book What's your opinion aboxt it !!!

  38. z/3 says:

    Hey, stick to using other peoples footage without their rights cause you suck at filming anyways

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